Winter Whites and Other Ways to Transition your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

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Photos by Hannah Banana Photography

Abercrombie Short Sleeve Lace Dress | Vince Camuto Karinda Over The Knee Boots | Kendra Scott Layla Earrings


If you weren't aware of what month it was and only had social cues to figure it out, you would only be able to discover it was fall in Texas is if you passed a Starbucks and saw the PSL sign!! It's kind of annoying to get all the goodies autumn brings like cozy sweaters and apple ciders, without the weather to prove it! 

Not to worry, you can still dress like you want to with some transition tips! Here's 4 ways to start dressing for fall now, even if it doesn't feel like it outside yet. 

-Shoes. Though the lines have kind of been blurred with the growing popularity of summer suede shoes, your kicks can definitely make your outfit more fallish than they would have been without them. What do I mean? Take this dress for example. It is perfect in the summer with a sandal, but once October hits, trade the sandal for a bootie or even an OTK boot, pending the weather. This will easily transition even the most summery of styles into an autumn look, which is perfect when you live in someplace like Texas where it doesn't even start getting cool until January.

-Textures. So this kind of blurs into the shoe category, since textured shoes are key to this season, but adding little spots of texture, like suede, winterizes your look up!  Whether it is shoes, jackets, or even sometime of accessory, things like suede, leather, faux fur, pom-poms, I'm all about velvet right now too, which is definitely an easy way to dress for the season. 

-Color Combos. Still want to wear your creams and blushes in the latter months of the year? Try pairing them with a darker fall color like green, brown, or even burgundy. This will give your outfit a new twist, you might not have considered during the summer. I paired this cream dress with brown, which easily makes it look more fall and less summer.

-Accessories. If you're having to make your look fall-y with accessories, you probably don't want to layer super warm. Try a summer scarf or even a light vest. Fake it until you make it!


What's your favorite way to dress for the season and not the weather? 

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