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Why We Bought a Burrow Couch

Why We Bought a Burrow Couch

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If you missed yesterday’s post, go ahead and do yourself a favor and read it so we are on the same page of why we bought a new couch. * coughDINOcough * Read it + Couches without Flame Retardant here.

If you don’t have time to read yesterday’s post, I was basically reviewing what you should look for in a couch before purchasing it. Guess what? It has little to do with how cute or comfortable it is! A lot of old sofas were made with flame retardant as mandated by the government. Thankfully this law is now longer active, but some brands just proceeded with business as usual and didn’t change anything. In yesterday’s post I shared a list of companies that either claim to not use flame retardants anymore and/or are full on non-toxic.

When researching, I narrowed it down to Medley or Savvy Rest . I loved all of the options that Medley offered and I appreciated how socially conscious and sustainable Savvy Rest was. (Not that Medley isn’t! Just a different vibe.) However, we kept looking at the price and just couldn’t justify spending that much for a new couch right now. We have 3 pets, host quite a bit, and chances are our taste would probably change again. Also we will probably end up moving this year and have no idea the vibe of our new place. What if our style changes?! I digress. What to do?

Burrow Couch | Madewell Whisper Tee | Madewell High Rise Denim Shorts | Tiger Pillows

A brand I couldn’t get out of my head was Burrow. I kept coming back to it. I first found them via The Hustle newsletter. I fell in love with the way they promoted themselves, the clean and minimal aspects of their website, how easy it was to use (you’d be surprised with how outdated some websites are) and of course their mission. While they aren’t made of natural ingredients (they are made of synthetic… olefin to be specific), they checked a lot of my personal boxes… They cut out the middle man and pass on the savings to the customer, so there aren’t any crazy shipping fees or anything like that. Their designs are trendy, yet modern and are super easy to put together - under 30 minutes. Less if you have help! They craft their couches with sustainably sourced hardwood and as clean as possible for man-made fabrics. They are made of olefin which is naturally stain and scratch resistant, which was a must for this pet mama! Also they never include formaldehyde, heavy metals, phenols, phthalates, or flame-retardant chemicals Thank goodness! Not to mention, they have a built in usb charger because #moderntechnology. I meannnn a lot of my blog posts are written on the couch, so that really sealed the deal. They also have Want more information? Read more details about their materials and process here!

When we finally decided we wanted a Burrow couch, we kind of put it off for a couple of months…When was the right time to buy?? When they had a 20% off memorial day sale, I decided it was now or never, so we pulled the trigger! We decided to purchase the nomad sofa with an ottoman in brick red fabric with low arms and light wood legs. The red was fun, but not crazy. Different enough to make a statement, but a nice "neutral” of sorts too.

It took a little over a week for us to get our parts. Well, exactly a week to get 4/5 boxes and a couple of days for a straggler that some how got separated from the crew. The boxes were really well labeled with which parts they were and the instructions for putting it together were fairly simple. Nick and I did it in under 20 minutes! We actually videoed ourselves making the couch and it kept deleting, so we did it 3 times before it saved. Let’s just say we got realllllllly good at it. Hah!

Overall, we are super happy with the couch and and its comfiness. I don’t know if you are nervous or not about buying something you haven’t sat on, but trust me, it is good. Also, they have showrooms in NYC and Chicago, so you can check them out there if you want. For the rest of us, who may not be able to get to the showrooms, you might not be able to sit on it, but if it is color you are worried about, you can actually order swatches!

Being totally truthful, organic fabric was originally something I was looking for. Burrow’s nomad fabric isn’t made of organic materials because it is man made and only naturally found fabrics have the possibility of being organic. I did some research on olefin and was happy with what I found. In some ways, it is more sustainable cotton than wool, because it has a smaller carbon footprint. I was slightly nervous about getting the couch in, because I was afraid of my retail days coming back to haunt me. On new product days it was both like Christmas and a nightmare. I loved to see all the new stuff, but the formaldehyde and dyes would make me sneeze like crazy! Let me just say that I didn’t sneeze at all and didn’t even smell any fumes or anything like that.

Burrow’s nomad fabric (they also have leather) is supposed to be pet proof, but I haven’t had it for long enough to test yet! I will say Cat has scratched several times and so far so good. Just to be safe, we bought some Pet Block and spray it every so often. Dino is not supposed to get on this couch at all and the cats aren’t encouraged to get on it, but we know it will happen. To prepare, we got this fur remover brush. Def need to use it on our bedspread too!!

I mentioned this yesterday, but our home is not 100% nontoxic. We update things when we can/as we are able to. It is expensive and takes time! As much as I would like to just walk into a Juice Beauty home, that is not our reality and it probably isn’t yours either. Take baby steps and do what you can with what you have. Even just knowing that toxic couches are an issue and educating others is a step in the right direction! Or should I say a seat in the right direction? ;) BRB gonna go take a nap on my sweet new sofa!

P.S. don’t forget to take a look at Burrow’s cute pillows and throws too! They have more than just couches ;)

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