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Why I Started Taking a Turmeric Supplement

Why I Started Taking a Turmeric Supplement

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Happy wellness Wednesday, y'all! Should I make that a thing, over here on LMents of Style?! Fairly recently, Nick and I finally got a juicer. (We got the Breville Cold Pressed Juice Fountain and love it!) I'll confess that Nick is the only one who touches the juicer, sooo I can't really help with suggestions on how to get over cleaning it. Nick just enjoys cleaning the kitchen. LOL.

Anyway, along this juicing journey, Nick started experimenting with turmeric. I had consumed it before in juices I had pre-bought, but never really seen it pre-juice. They are little roots, that favor ginger, because they are actually related!  Side note, if you missed my post on Why You Should Work Ginger Into Your Diet, be sure to read it

I'm not afraid to pop a couple Aleve when I have a headache, but I'd love to start using more and more of natural remedies and such to help my ailments. (For example, I mentioned that I started taking Magnesium back in January, to try and help with migraines) I had sought out turmeric before, but never really in base form. Last fall, my sister-in-law Sophie was staying with us for a while, and she recommended taking turmeric when I had a cold/sinus infection, because it helped open her nose back up, which makes 100% sense when you delve into all the turmeric can do for you.

Several months ago I stumbled upon Ora Organics. I was initially just impressed by their marketing, but upon further review, their products really impressed me as well. I was looking through all of their offerings and stopped on turmeric. I read that it could help with arthritis, so I asked my mom about it. She actually was already taking turmeric, so I was late to this game in a sort, but I thought to myself...this could really help me! I occasionally will get ache-y knees and hips from previous injuries, so I thought why not try it out?

With Ora, you take 3 pills a day, for a dosage of 1500 mg. 85% of it is curcuminoids, and also includes piperine. When taking turmeric, you want to make sure it has curcumin, because that's the active ingredient that is going to help your body - without it, it will just be another thing that you consume. Ora's also includes black pepper (the piperine), which helps with absorption. I usually just take them at night, with water; but,  OO gives you other ideas, like crushing them with the back of a spoon and creating a turmeric latte. You do you!

However you decide to take your turmeric, there's no doubting its amazing benefits. Here are a few:

  • lessens joint stress and arthritis pain
  • increases cardiovascular health
  • decreases bodily inflammation
  • blocks free radicals, which is not only good for your body, but your skin, too
  • improves brain function and decreases chances of brain diseases
  • increases dopamin and seratonin, decreasing depression effects
  • decreases changes of certain cancer and other diseases

Turmeric is so much more than something that leaves your hands stained yellow. I love it in my juices, but let's face it. I'm  not drinking those juices everyday, and I sure wouldn't want to mess with peeling it everyday. For me, it's about convenience. Taking a supplement was an easy way to get my body some health benefits and experience some relief. I did experience less knee and hip pain, and thought my skin looked brighter before I even hit my 30 days of use! I would highly recommend adding turmeric to your diet in some way, shape, or form.

Personally, I love the turmeric supplements that Ora makes, but if you want to try another brand out, just make sure that your supplement has a good amount of curcumin. It doesn't have to have black pepper, but it sure does help! Do you take turmeric? Any other natural supplements you take, that help you out?!  Let me know in the comments below!

P.S. If you have tried Ora before, let me know as well! I really want to try their probiotic!

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