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Where to Stay in San Francisco: StayPineapple The Alise

Where to Stay in San Francisco: StayPineapple The Alise

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Staypineapple Slippers that you can take home with you!

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How are y'all adjusting to this time change? You won't find me complaining. This time change is so much easier than the fall andddd we get extra hours of daylight. My sleep is slightly off, butttt when isn't it?? Either way, this weird week has me dreaming of the beds at The Alise San Francisco, a StayPineapple hotel.

Last week Nick and I finished  our California getaway, only to return completely exhausted. Our flight was originally supposed to leave SFO at 4:45 and didn't end up leaving until around 8:45. Our plane touched down around 1 am and that was that. Back to real life! Besides it being slightly rainy and being involved in a car accident while in a ride sharing program, our trip was pretty much amazing. Our second half of the trip was in San Francisco and we were lucky enough to stay at The Alise. I have been wanting to reside at a StayPineapple hotel since I first noticed them, while on a trip to Seattle.

StayPineapple is anything but a hotel chain. There are multiple locations, but each hotel has it's own name, personality, and local flare. As you can see, The Alise has a beautiful and modern vibe that flows throughout the entire property. Though each location is different, you can always count on them to come through on their StayPineapple promises! Some things that make them special are:

-The Naked Experience. This is probably the most unique thing about them. The bed has a duvet cover that was washed and placed just for you! The other cool thing is that you have your own duvet, so no more fighting over the covers! 

-Slippers.  Each room comes with a pair of slippers just for you, that you can take home as we'll! I don't know about y'all, but I can't stand cold bathroom tile, so these came in handy.

-Pineapple Hour. Every afternoon, they bring out the cutest and yummiest pineapple cupcakes, along side local coffee and their signature pineapple infused water. The cupcakes were great, but I could sip on that water ALL DAY LONG.

-Dog Friendly. You'll notice that StayPineapple's mascot is Dash, the cutest husky! He, along with other animals are welcome at any StayPineapple hotels! On our way out, I got to meet Maya, an adorable mini husky. Isn't she cute?! You can actually follow her instagram at @minihuskyy.

-Pineapple Bistro and Bar. This is so nice and convenient. Hotels in SF are usually on the smaller side due to the nature of real-estate there, so I was super glad they had one. Sometimes you don't feel like leaving the hotel and at a StayPineapple hotel, why would you even want to go?!


The Alise San Francisco Specifics:

Location. The Alise from ry close to Union Square, so you're only a short walk or trolly ride away from a lot of fun!  It's also super close to Mr. Holmes Bakeshop and Sightglass coffee, which are two of our favorite places to stop.

-Amenities. The Alise has some great things to offer you including, but are not limited to:

  • gym / fitness center
  • bikes
  • valet parking
  • high speed wi-fi


So would I recommend booking The Alise San Francisco? Yes! I actually want to go try out more StayPineapple properties. Perhaps we might just book one of their four Washington locations for our Seattle trip this fall! Have you every Stay(ed)Pineapple?! What was your favorite part?

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