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Where to Stay in Saint Lucia: Jade Mountain Resort

Where to Stay in Saint Lucia: Jade Mountain Resort

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I received a complimentary stay in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

I took a little hiatus from Saint Lucia posts, simply because I realized that I hadn't posted much fall or Christmas content. Oops! I decided today was a good day to bring it back, since we are supposed to have record lows in Dallas this weekend. I'm actually typing this on the way to Little Rock, Arkansas and it is supposed to be around 18 degrees in the morning, without wind chill factor! Side note, so thankful for hot-spotting via my phone!

If you're new here and like what the heck are you talking about, I got married almost two months ago and we went to Saint Lucia for our honeymoon! You can catch up on my Saint Lucia posts here: honeymoon packing list, New Name, New Purse: Personalized Crossbody Pouch, I wore the Same Workout Clothes for a week and this is what happened, The Art of Versatility: Floral Dress styled for summer and fall ,Thanksgiving Blues, Now Trending: Maxi Skort Romperand Where to Stay in Saint Lucia: Villa Piton Caribbean Castle.

Okay so, Jade Mountain Resort is the first place we stayed on our trip - we stayed at two different places during our stay on Saint Lucia, if you hadn't gathered that. I reviewed the second place here. Jade Mountain is more of an exclusive resort feel, while the other is a private residence, geared more toward the adventurer who wants more local flair. We loved both places we stayed, because they were different, yet both brought value to our honeymoon. It's easy to look at the photos and see why you should stay at Jade Mountain, so I'll structure this post like I didn't my other one and tell you why you should stay here.

-It is open air concept. There are only 3 walls!! You get to go to sleep with the moon and wake up with the sun. I swear I rubbed my eyes every morning and was like "is this real life"? And if you are worried about varmints or bugs, don't. The bed had a mosquito net draping and the only "animals" we saw in our room were small birds. We didn't ever have a problem with bugs.

-The view is unreal. But you already knew that ;) Our room had a straight on view of the pitons, so they actually looked like they were touching, while they are actually 3 miles apart. I could have sat and stared out of our sanctuary (that's what they call rooms), for hours.

-It has an in-room pool. Cool, right? I think Nick was more excited for this than I was ;) It was super relaxing and convenient to just take a dip whenever we wanted. Ours was an infinity pool, so it definitely added to the ambience.

-It has a rocky road. The road up to Jade Mountain is a rough one. There are rumors as to why it isn't maintained, but whatever the reason, I feel like it adds to the ambience. It makes it feel exclusive, but not in a pretentious manner.

-It is near two beaches. There is a beach at the base of Anse Chastanet (the original resort on the property, and sister resort to Jade Mountain) and Anse Mamin Beach (otherwise known as burger beach, for the yummy burgers they make), which is about a 10 minute walk or 3 minute water taxi. These are actually public beaches, but because of the un-maintained road, you don't have  a lot of people who venture there, which actually benefits you! Less people, more relaxation. On top of that, there are a lot of things to do at Jade Mountain, so the beach isn't the only destination.

-It has amazing snorkeling. The beach at the bottom of Anse Chastanet is known for its snorkeling. It goes back and forth with another location on the island, for the top 1 and 2 spots. What makes this one special in my opinion, is that is secluded. If someone is snorkeling with you there, they came for the legit stuff, which makes it more fun and enjoyable in my opinion.

-You have a 24/7 Butler. Yes please! Jade Mountain gives you a cell phone, so you can contact your major domo for any needs, whether it be for in house drinks or to make a dinner reservation. I loved that we had a contact person, but also that we didn't have to call them on our own phone (international rates!) and the phone could travel with us. We used that when we were too tired to walk back up to our room, after being beach bums;)

-There are different price-points. A resort is always going to have resort pricing, so keep that in mind; however, Jade Mountain has different price-points, you can probably find one that meets your budget. That may mean opting for the in-room jacuzzi, over the infinity pool, reserving a room at Anse Chastanet for a couple of nights, instead of having your whole stay at Jade, or opting out of all-inclusive. Whatever it takes, if you can, make it happen. Jade is probably my favorite hotel I have ever been to.

-It is open, but private. You might be leery of staying in a place like this, because all the windows and doors are technically open. There is a very long bridge that only leads to your room, so no one even comes close, except the butler, when you call him. The windows only have shutters and the doors are shutter style as well. For being completely open concept, it is actually quite private. No one can see that you're swimming naked...don't worry;) Well, it's completely private, except from the person you are with...the entire room is open concept, including the bathroom and shower! 

-There are multiple restaurants on property. We opted out of all-inclusive, for this sheer reason! We love food and wanted to try everything out. There's the Jade Club, the Treehouse Restaurant, Trou au Diable Beach Restaurant, to name a few. You can leave the resort if you wish, but I'm not sure you'd want to;)

-The food is top notch. But really. It is so good! Our favorite meal was the first one we had, on the first night of our trip, at the Jade Club. They made a pumpkin risotto that I STILL have dreams about. They also make a mean banana bread muffin - bananas are one of the top exports of Saint Lucia and honestly the bananas there just taste better! Oh and their chocolate croissants are pretty tasty too!

-You don't have to leave your room. Nick and I are very much the adventurers, so we did leave our room, but at Jade Mountain, you don't really have to. You can eat all of your meals in your room, if you wish, and have the pool right at your feet. So if you are that type of honeymooner or just don't want the "hassle" of leaving your room, have at it!

-The amenities are out of this world. Like I said, you really don't have a reason to leave Jade Mountain at all. Besides having multiple restaurant options and beaches a rock's throw away, they have activities like scuba diving, snorkeling, and other water activities. One morning we go up and did sunrise yoga on the rooftop, which was such an amazing experience - it was actually Nick's first time doing yoga! We also had a couples massage and that was Nick's first time getting a massage too! He wondered how he had gotten through life without one ;) One of my favorite things we did, was the Diamond Falls and Botanical Tour with the Sulphur Springs. It is offered through other touring agencies, but I'm so glad we did it through Jade Mountain, because you also get a garden tour, which is where their food is grown!  Beyond that, you get to try native fruits and veggies, that you can only get there! If you don't get to take the tour, at least go on the Father Nature tour at Anse Mamin Beach. We didn't get to do it and were so sad about it! Jade Mountian offers true learning experience in all aspects.

So, what do you think? I don't think I'd have to pull your leg to make you stay here if you had the chance;) Have you ever been here? Did I leave anything out? If you know of any similar resorts, let me know -I'd love to travel and stay in resorts like this FOREVER! P.S. This was definitely the best of the best pictures...I have LOADS more from Jade Mountain. So if you couldn't get enough of these, don't worry, I will post more soon:)


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