Where to Pick Blueberries near Dallas

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About a month ago, Nick and I decided to have some Memorial Day Weekend fun and take the short car ride to Blase Family Farm in Rockwall, Texas. Because of our wine bar, I hadn't gotten to spend any real time with him since we took it over in March. (We both have 9-5 office jobs and he has been traveling for work, in addition to spending the entire weekend at the bar) Side note-  this also prompted me to write this post as well.

Some people are dinner and a movie people, and that's fine.  I myself and a dinner girl (love me some yummy food!) anddd I prefer movies on my own couch, but there's something to be said getting out and doing something together! One of my favorite memories ever involves my grandparents and picking peaches in Arkansas. I remember walking through the orchard, picking as many plump peaches as I could...my granddaddy cutting me off a piece with his pocket knife, and the sweet juices running all over my face and hands. Ever since then, I always look for u-pick opportunities. Living in Dallas we do have a few, but not many! I have picked apples (hoping to do a blog post on that this fall -we didn't get to do it last year because of the early freeze, but did do it the year prior!), but not much else. You'll find some wineries ask for picking help, and some places like Ham Orchards, just pick themselves. Even though we can't pick the peaches there, they are still some of our favorite peaches. (they do have a u-pick blackberry patch though!) If you are looking for u-pick peaches in Texas, it is best to go to Fredericksburg. I mention Marburger Orchard here.

Anyway, back to the blueberries at Blase Family Farm. It was awesome!! They had rows and rows of blueberries and baskets or buckets for you to use. I think we spent almost two hours just walking, talking, and picking! We ended up with about 10 cups of blueberries, but they didn't last long;) I made Sally's Baking Addiction Blueberry Pie, the tarte featured above, and just snacked on the rest. You just put the blueberries in a glass bowl, wash when you want to eat them, then enjoy!

Yes you should wash them, but a great thing about Blase Family Farm is that they are organic! It does mean there might be more pesky ants around the patches, but you have a chemical free treat! After we finished picking blueberries, Nick and I split one of their homemade blueberry popsicles, which were just so refreshing and delightful! The lady makes them with her daughter, which of course made them even sweeter!

If you're in the DFW area, or maybe you're just vacationing in the Big D, this is a super fun and interactive activity, that is fun for all ages and doesn't involve screen time;) I can't wait to go back next year!! If there's something I like more than a tasty, healthy treat, it is supporting local family businesses!

P.S. Their blueberry season has already come to an end this year, but come fall, they'll have a u-pick pumpkin patch! See you there?!

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