What to Drink on Cinco de Mayo if You Don't Like Tequila

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It's less than 2 weeks until Cinco de Mayo, which is honestly just an excuse that Dallas uses to drink more margaritas. I mean after all...the (frozen) margarita was created here! I mean I'm not complaining;)

We've celebrated it by going out for dinner and drinks, but more so just toast the day at home, with friends. My besties all love margs, but I do know some people who either are allergic to tequila or had a bad experience with it some time ago.

Whether you don't like tequila, or are just looking for something new, I'm bringing you a fun drink, that everyone will enjoy! I am not a bar tender, but I do have a fairly decent sensory pallet, and made a Moscow Mule, with a kick!

About a month ago, Zodiac Vodka reached out to me to try their vodka and let them know what I thought. I fell in love with their Black Cherry Vodka - I can drink it straight, without a chaser! But, I felt that using their bread and butter vodka, with a cinco de mayo theme, would be best for the blog. I don't drink a lot of vodka - I typically have wine or dosaritas, but I will say that this vodka was very well made. It will be the base of my drink, but if you aren't able to get your hands on some Zodiac, just use your favorite.

Moscow Mula Recipe -- 1 serving (mula is mule in Spanish. Get it?

1.5 fl oz Zodiac Vodka (about a shot and a half, if you put 2 shots i won't tell!)

1/2 cup of Angry Orchard Ginger Apple (the traditional moscow mule has ginger beer, but I wanted to use this, instead)

.5 fl oz lime (half a shot glass, about 1 lime)

3/4  of a chopped jalapeno

1 TBS chopped cilantro

1 lime wedge for garnish

Combine all the ingredients in your shaker, then cross-pour. (pour the mixture into your mug, then back into the shaker, then back into your mug). Garnish with a lime wedge and drink up!

To learn more about Zodiac Vodka, visit their Website. Keep up with them via their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

P.S. You can totally make this a mocktail! Just use normal apple cider and skip the vodka :)

Did you think I was going to just talk about drinks? I mean, I could, but I try to root all my posts in fashion. Tassels and bright colors are so trendy right now, so there are a myriad of options for your Cinco de Mayo outfit. I put several of my favorites in the collage below - everything is linked in the widget below the photo.

Do you celebrate Cinco de Mayo? What's your favorite drink? Do you have your outfit planned? I can't wait to see!

Do you celebrate Cinco de Mayo? What's your favorite drink? Do you have your outfit planned? I can't wait to see!

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