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What I'm Shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale For

What I'm Shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale For

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Happy Thursday!! This Nordstrom Anniversary Sale post was supposed to go live ya know, laaast Friday; however, life happened and here we are. Nick and have been in Los Angeles since last Thursday and we just got back earlier today… Unplanned of course! We should have arrived back in DFW Wednesday evening; however, Dallas weather had another plan for us. I’m all for flight safety and thanks to American Airlines, we are all good! Pretty much every flight headed to Dallas got cancelled on Wednesday, so there weren’t many options to get back, as the flights were all full! Our earliest option was supposed to be a red eye tonight. Luckily, AA switched us to a United flight and we got back late afternoon instead. We literally got home from the airport and immediately hopped into the car to head to Nordstrom. Shout out to Michael in Collectors at NorthPark for being so flexible due to my flight arrival time!!

Anyway, back to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I’ve had so many people tell me that they are over this sale and/or overwhelmed by the sale. Let me start by saying:

1) you don’t need every single thing

2) no, I’m not “obsessed” with everything

3) this is just a great sale to stock up on fall staples

I’ve shopped this sale differently every year and I think I’m finally doing it right. Don’t just jump at something because it is on sale for $29. Take a look at your wardrobe and see what you are lacking, what you need to replace, and what area you want to splurge/have some trend fun with! The number one thing I buy (and what YOU buy based on my analytics!) is shoes! SO, I will continue to cover that, my basics, Nick’s purchases, workwear, andddd some other favorites! Today I just wanted to cover updates to my previous favorite purchases and what I’m shopping for!

These jeans are currently the #1 buy in my humble opinion! They run a tad small, since there is not really any stretch, but I am still wearing my normal Madewell size 28 in them. This sweater was super cute too! I just didn’t need it, so I didn’t end up coming home with it. Sweater is TTS - wearing a S.


BONUS: Something I know people go crazy for every year is a Barefoot Dreams blanket. I’ve never purchased one, but I know they are so soft! They even came out with a camo version this year! Their basic blanket is a little cheaper if you want to try that one out before buying a fun pattern. They have a cozy cardigan too!

Which boots do y’all like better? I still can’t decide! Left are Vince Camuto Boots and right are Sam Edelman boots.


  • Madewell Jeans (Last year was the first year they included them! These are my favorite pair, but if you need black skinnies or want a more classic pair, grab these. If you grab my favorite pair, keep in mind they don’t have as much stretch as a traditional pair of Madewells. I have my same size, but could have sized up.)

  • Denim Flares (I have black flares I love, but not blue jeans. These are a bit of a splurge, but they are so good! I got a size 26 in these and I’m normally a 27 in stretchy Madewell jeans and a 28 in non-stretchy, so keep that in mind and size down.)

  • Black Loafers (I was looking for new black loafers last sale, but wasn’t as desperate because I still had my old ones. When I cleaned out my closet earlier this year, I threw them away, so I really need a new pair! I couldn’t try these on in store because they were sold out, so I haven’t been able to try them on yet!

  • Cardigans (Always a good time to buy cardigans! My favorite is the black Madewell cardigan. It is a must if you are in the market for a basic cardi. They also have really cute stripe cardigans and colorblock cardigans this year. If you want a little more budget friendly option, this Halogen cardigan is cute and cost effective! This Treasure & Bond one is a cute, fashion cardigan option too.)

  • Spanx Faux Leather Moto Leggings (I got my first pair earlier this year and am hooked! I wear a S in most work out leggings, but need a M in these.)

  • Cashmere (I really wanted to invest in cashmere this sale, but I think it might have to wait until next year. This long-line cashmere cardigan caught my eye though, as did this oversize cashmere sweater. This cashmere wrap is SO chic and this funnel neck cashmere sweater is giving me all the fall vibes!)

  • Tall Tan Boots (I have brown and black boots, but have been wanting a lighter version. I love these Vince Camuto Boots and the Sam Edelman boots too.)

Some other things… I couldn’t find these heeled sandals in store, so I ordered them online to see if I like them in person. Stay tuned! I also love to share a nude flat for work. Mine from last year are still great, but a good option this year is the nude version of these loafers. I also don’t need a new pair of tan booties, but these are a great option if you are in the market. If you need a good cami, this lace trim camisole is an easy buy! Ankle boots are super in too! I just don’t really have a need for them right now. Another thing I didn’t need but thought was a good buy was these leather coated pants. Under $100 and super fall chic! Anddd this leopard cardi WILL sell out. I’m sure I’ll throw a couple things in the cart tomorrow just to see if In like them. Will let you know what I think! A great thing about Nordstrom is if you order it online and it doesn’t fit or you don’t like it, just bring it back for a quick and easy return!!)

Nick is wearing one of his new Work Shirts here!


  • Sport Coat (Last year he bought a couple suits, but this year he is focusing on separates.)

  • Jeans (He loves Mavi’s and they are pretty budget friendly! He’ll probably get this dark pair and lighter pair.)

  • Work Shoes (He has his nice dress shoes and some chic work boots, but not a basic shoe. He found these and they are only $50! He sizes up in these to an 11, whereas he wears a 10.5 in other shoes. Side note - he has a wider foot.)

  • Work Shirts (He is super hard on his shirts, so we needed to update these! He really liked the look and stretch of these Nordstrom brand ones!)

  • Saxx Underwear (His FAVE underwear. Buy one for $20 or two for under $40!)

  • Basic Layering Tees (These were under $15!)

  • Nicer Sneakers (He doesn’t have a pair that isn’t running shoes/that he wold wear out, so I ordered these Vince sneaks and these classic Nikes to see which he’d like better.)

  • Bonobos Weekday Warrior Pants (He has one color in these, but wants them all! He has to size up in the waist on these since there is no stretch/they run small, but actually sized down in the length, so he could show off his ankles! He normally is a 32 length, but gets 30 instead in these.)

  • Mizzen+Main Shirts (I’ve heard such good things about them and Nick has never tried them, so I am ordering a couple for him to test out. Plus they are a Dallas based brand, so good all around! I’m looking at this one and this one.)

Some other things… He loves Bonobos, but is bigger than what they have in store. I ordered this shirt in a 17.5 neck to see if it fits better. Nick also has started liking short sleeved shirts (he never used to wear them), so I snagged this one too. I’m dying for him to wear some suede booties, so I ordered these as well, to see if he’d like them better in person.

What are you shopping for?! Anything I can help with?! Holla!

P.S. I wanted to tell you that I had every intention of having pretty pictures for this post, but with the travel craziness, it just didn’t happen. I tried to shoot one look tonight on our way to get Dino, but I accidentally bought an XXS instead of a S in this lace trim camisole and it was literally the only top I purchased. I tried to make it work, but it literally made my boobs look like they were suppressed like crazy! Always check your tags, especially during a sale!! More lifestyle content coming soon;)

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