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Trends I'm not Partaking in this Fall

Trends I'm not Partaking in this Fall

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You may have clicked on this post thinking...um, okay. What? Why would you talk about things you're not doing...well, I wanted to talk about them, because they are still relevant! Just because I'm not doing something doesn't mean I can't appreciate other people who do or that I don't like people who do participate. I basically wanted to say it's okay not to and that just because everyone is doing something, doesn't make it a valid reason for you to do it. You feel me?

Anyway, to preface this, I want to say that a lot of my childhood trends are resurfacing. I spoke briefly about it in my Bringing back the 90's Series - Part One and Part Two. You'll see below, but I'm pretty sure I don't like a lot of the trends that have come back, because I already participated in them. It's like I finally understand what my mom meant, that she didn't like it when trends from her childhood came back. It's kind of like um, no thanks. Been there, done that.

So here the trends I'm not partaking in this fall

1) Chokers. When I was in like 5th grade - 7th grade, I had a choker for every outfit. If I couldn't find a different color to buy, I would hand bead them myself. My first memory of a choker was from the movie The Pebble and the Penguin. Anyone remember that? The lead actress penguin wore a black velvet choker that I LOVED. I then went on to buy my first choker from Old Navy - it was green and navy and perfect.

What I'm doing instead: I love dresses that have a keyhole front, so it kind of give the allusion of a choker. The closest I get to an actual choker, is a necklace on a short chain that rests on or above my collarbones. 

Who does it well: Natalie Keinan of The Fashion Hour.

2) Velvet. Please tell me I'm not the only one who thinks of my old gymnastics leotards, whenever I see colored and/or crushed velvet. I honestly don't understand the appeal.

What I'm doing instead: Well, I love black velvet and have worn it forever, so I'll keep wearing that. IF I choose to branch out, it would be for a navy or merlot velvet. I also really love suede, which is a great alternative.

Who does it well: Amanda Miller of The Miller Affect  .

3) Layering odd Combinations. Maybe it's that I had to wear larger tank tops under my spaghetti straps as a kid, so I naturally don't like layering? Not sure, but I'm not going to wear a t-shirt under a thin strapped dress. It just isn't appealing to me. It leaves me asking "but, why?"

What I'm doing instead: I love jumpers, so it's natural for me to pair a long sleeve tee with them. I'd rather layer that, than some off the wall combo.

Who does it well: Sage Coralli of So Sage Blog.

4) Original Adidas. Don't get me wrong, I actually like the rebrand of the Adidas image and line. The problem is that I can't believe their original, flat, side striped tennis shoes are in again! I had a pair in middle school - I changed out the normal laces for Strawberry Shortcake laces and laced them the skater way, so  I could just slip them on or off. I was really cool. I'm not sure why these bother me, but converse don't. Maybe because this is more trendy? Not sure.

What I'm doing instead: Nothing, really? Still loving all of my Nike's. I do love Stan Smiths, though because my dad always wear the green and white pair. I don't mind them too much if they are just a basic color stripe like navy or black, but I can't see myself getting them any time soon.

Who does it well: Lauren Sims of Lauren Kay Sims.

5) Pins, Patches, and Cartoonish Embroidery. It's honestly just not me. The closest I've ever gotten to this was on my backpacks in middle school. It was cool to have all kinds of pins and patches and the more you had, the better.

What I'm doing instead: I am definitely on the graphic tee train. Now, I did participate in graphic tees when I was younger, but they were more those pointless graphic tees that had some made up place or phrase on them. I love wearing positive and uplifting or even really funny graphics, these days.

Who does it well: Kristen Ritchie of High End Hippie.

As you can see, these are mainly late 80's and 90's trends and that I have no problem sporting 70's trends;) So, what do you think? Are you donning these, this fall?

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