Trend Alert: One Shoulder

Revolve One Shoulder Top | J. Brand Jeans | Seychelles Booties | Kendra Scott Sophee Earrings | Loren Hope Sarra Bracelet 

My favorite fashion professor once summed up apparel trends by this analogy: "your jeans are getting darker or lighter, tighter or wider, shorter or longer" a much more eloquent way, of course! It may dumb down the "trends" that are occurring and make them seem less new or exciting, but that's what fashion is all about. It's literally a circle. What goes around, comes back around!

Okay, so let's talk about erogenous zones as they relate to fashion! These are areas that are "new" to showing off...when I say "new" I mean they haven't been shown in a while. Right now, I'd say that shoulders are in - off the shoulder tops are the jam! In the past, they have been anywhere from showing your ankles (There were times when if you showed your ankles as a woman, you were said to be loose! Because of this trend/rebellion, ankles became all the rage!), to showing your hips - remember the early 2000's and low rise jeans and tight baby tees that show a sliver of stomach?! I do. Sorry mom!

So what do I think is next? One shoulder looks! This started with bare arms (Michelle Obama!!), which morphed into entire shoulders, and now I think we'll start to cover one up ;) I remember when I first saw a one shouldered item. My sister and I were probably 7-10 years old and passed them in a trendy boutique at Collin Creek Mall (back when it was somewhere to go...but so was Richardson Square Mall, at the time!) Anyway, we each got one - mine was light green and Emma's was red and they had ruching down the side. We called them "Tarzan tops" because we thought it was something that he would wear...we were definitely tres chic. Hah!

They never really went away, but one shoulder tops are coming back on the scene quickly - I wouldn't be surprised if the OTS tops started to dwindle and more one shoulder pieces were in their place!

I obviously love the one I'm wearing, because I can wear it into a Texas fall, but here is a trend round-up for you- everything is under $100!

TOPS - This is the easiest way to wear it! Pair them with jeans, skirts, or shorts. You can't go wrong!

DRESSES - I think this is my favorite way to wear the trend - it makes me feel pretty! I neeed that grey tulle dress!

SWIM - There aren't as many swim options that are under $100, so that's just proof the trend is trickling down.

What do you think about the trend? Do you currently don it?

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