The Texas Jacket

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So, I'm kind of obsessed with vests. There's really not a better way for me to say it. Whether I want to add texture, color, or "the cherry on top" to my look, during the winter, I reach for a vest. If you read this recent post, then you know that I love quilted looks AND how to buy quilted vests for less.

To me, vests are much more than just an accessory... They are literal outerwear. In Texas we have weird weather swings and in the winter, sometimes that means it isn't very cold. A vest is the perfect layer to add warmth, without causing you to break a sweat.

A little breezy? Put a on a shearling vest. A little chilly? Grab a  down vest. Need to keep your torso warm, but chic? Grab a fur vest. That's actually what I did last weekend, with this look! It was in the 60's, so I didn't need a coat at all. Do you get my title now? We have had a crazy warm winter, so I really haven't worn that many of my multitude of coats, but vests on the other hand, I've worn out!

Below are some of my favorite styles of vests. I have all of them, but the fringe. Personally, I love the fringe look, but it isn't really me. Whats your favorite? Direct links are under the collage!

Shearling Vest | Faux Fur Vest | Quilted Vest | Fringe Vest

Do you wear vests? Do they double as a mini jacket, when it's cold, where you live? What's your favorite kind? Perhaps you'll grab for a comfy vest, next time you're getting dressed!

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