THE Tennis Shoe: Nike Air Max Thea

Nike Air Max Thea | Madewell Sweater (also comes in solid colors!) | J. Brand Jeans | BaubleBar Earrings | Daniel Wellington Watch

Sooo I've clearly been on a shoe kick. (see posts on perforated shoes, loafers, and mules, all in the last month!)  I never really thought I was shoe obsessed, but seeing as I took over our master bedroom linen closet as a personal shoe closet, I might be in denial. For me, shoes are the easiest way to change my outfit, so invest more in them than I do most clothes.  I'm prone to spend more money on quality shoes, to keep my feet happy and spend less in the long run.

Two years ago, I saw burgundy leather Air Max Theas and I fell in love. I snatched them up super quick and I'm glad I did, because they sold like hotcakes!! Fast forward, and here I am again, buying these oatmeal ones. Athleisure is still running hot and I'm so glad! Not just to wear leggings as pants, but tennis shoes in general are still on a major trend run. I wear these tennis shoes to work, to run errands, to do touristy things (see that here in San Fran), and even to brunch, if I am feeling it! Sneakers are in and can add some major edge or just major comfort to your look, without even trying. 

My current favorite shoe silhouette is the Air Max Thea. You can probably see why!  They are sleek and chic, while providing needed support. I'm not sure what more you could want in a shoe ;) Blisters are no fun and if I have the choice, I'm going to side with comfort.

Here are some of my favorite Theas out there - I've never run in them, but the sneaks at the bottom of the pic are making me want to take them for a spin!! Shop these by scrolling through the widget below the picture.

So, how do you feel about the sneaker trend? If you are nervous about it, I wrote a post awhile ago about 5 Tips to rock the sneaker trend. Do you like Theas? What is your favorite kind? Holla at me and let me know!

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