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The Perfect Tourist Outfit (without being too touristy!!)

The Perfect Tourist Outfit (without being too touristy!!)

Topshop Strappy Dress | Floral Scarf | Rayban Sunglasses | OPI Be there in a Prosecco Nail Polish | Kendra Scott Skylar Earrings | Nike Air Max Thea | Black Leather Bracelet | Levi's Denim Jacket

Oh the travels, y'all! One of my favorite parts of blogging is getting the chance to see the world and give tips and tricks and the ability to live vicariously if you never get there! I had been to San Francisco, California, once before, but that was literally 24 years ago and I remember nothing. Maybe that's because I bumped my head (I actually did, on the Le Peep's awning), but that's neither hear nor there. 

So, I just finished my Cayman Brac series, and now I get to pepper in my San Francisco series :) I also have my bachelorette party series coming up (occurred this past weekend in Austin), and will have a San Antonio series soon, as well. With all this travel, well, travel in general, there is lots of exploring! With exploring comes different climates and usually lots of walking. So, how do you dress? Honestly, this is something I think about a lot. I will never be one of those people who can just throw stuff in a bag and hope it works out. I may or may not use excel spreadsheets to plan my outfits out, if it's a long trip...

Anyway, here are four things I think about, when dressing for an adventurous day!

Invest in a pair of fashion tennis shoes. This is my number one, because shoes are SO important. If my feet hurt, I'm focused on limping on whatever foot doesn't have a blister, and not enjoying the sights and sounds of where I am. Last year, when these Leather Air Max Thea's came out, I knew I had to have them. They were a neutral, so they'd pair well with most things. They were nicer than your normal tennis shoe, because of the leather. Oh, and they were just plain cool. I love wearing them when I'm on trips, because they are practical, but don't bring my outfit down with them. If you are traveling somewhere that involves walking, I highly suggest packing a cute, but supportive shoe. Your blisterless heels can thank me later.

Re-discover your old denim jacket. So, I know they are on trend right now, but I have been basically the LAST person to reach for a denim jacket. Why? Because I have worn one for more than half of my life and just couldn't; however, This Levi's one is classic and is great for layering. When I was wearing this outfit in San Francisco, the sun didn't come out much - mainly just clouds, so it was a little chillier than normal for that time of year. If I didn't have my jean jacket, I would have frozen!! It's a classic piece that can support your every outfit.

Find basic clothing. So, not like #basic, but more like basic enough, so that it can be easily styled. You want the pieces you pack to be effortless and have the ability to be dressed up or down. Yes, I was wearing tennis shoes, but if I took off my jacket, my outfit would automatically become more formal. This is super helpful if you are covering a lot of ground in one day. You don't want to not be allowed to go a certain place, due to dress-code.  This dress can be worn with heels or tennis shoes and is just all around a great style. It comes in other colors and is under $60. A perfect dress for any occasion, really.

Make your accessories functional. My scarf is obviously cute, but the reason it is hanging around my neck, is because I might get cold, and it would help keep me warm. This Texas gril was cold in the 55 degree temps, but Mr. Sweater Weather Nick Mulenos, was happy as he could be! Whether it's a cross-body, or a wicked pair of sunglasses, make sure they are working for you, not against you!

Random tips: Wear sunscreen, even on cloudy days. Carry sunglasses, because note being able to see isn't good. Stock protein bars in your purse, so you don't get hangry. Put your hair up/style it, instead of leaving it down, so it doesn't get too messed up. Use a cross-body purse instead of a tote, so your hands can be free.

All in all, this was a great outfit for me to romp around San Francisco in! On this day, we went to Tartine Bakery, Lombard Street, Buena Vista and Fisherman's Wharf (Alioto's and The Franciscan Crab). I'll cover more on what we did and what to do, later, of course! Like I mentioned earlier, it was super overcast the entire time I was there, so it was definitely on the chilly side, for June. My jean jacket and scarf really kept me warm when I needed to be, but not that warm and sweaty feeling...know what I mean? I loved wearing this dress, even though we were walking around, because every moment is a photo opp, and I wanted to look cute!

Do y'all have any tips for travel-wear? I'd love to learn yours, if you think I left some off!

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