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The Art of Versatility: Senreve Envelope Clutch Styled 3 Ways

The Art of Versatility: Senreve Envelope Clutch Styled 3 Ways

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I feel like I posted hard and heavy work content and have now gone a bit lighter with more fashion and other advice as of late for Women in the Workplace Wednesday, but don’t worry. I’ll have other topics coming at you soon. Always feel free to comment, DM, or shoot me an email with any topics you’d like for me to cover!

Nick and I spent last week in San Francisco and Los Angeles. I had a lot of brand meetings in San Francisco, most of which I walked to. I had some in LA too, but I could’t walk to those. We were literally gone the entire week. Packing fun clothes like shorts and swimsuits is one thing, but when you’re having to pack work clothes, that is another story. You have heavy shoes, jackets, etc and room in your luggage becomes scarce. I love versatile items. You know this! I love versatile items even more when they help me travel lighter and pack smarter!

Senreve Envelope Clutch (c/o) As of 9/9, Use code ELLEMULENOS for a FREE bracelet pouch with any purchase greater than $300! Just add it to the cart and use the code! | BlankNYC Leather Jacket | Steven Greece Slides | Knit Dress

Enter the Senreve Envelope Clutch (c/o). I first introduced you to the Senreve brand back in May. I bought and reviewed their Maestra bag back in April. I mentioned then that their envelope clutch was the next piece I had my eye on and now that I have it, it is even better than I thought it would be! I actually already showed the clutch off on this post about nude work shoes and this post when I spoke about where we stayed in SF. I shot all of these looks in SF and I’m so glad we made it happen amidst meetings, as it truly shows how versatile it is from day to work to night! Don’t forget travel, too!

First up is just it styled in its natural form… as a clutch! Nick and I had dinner with his client this particular evening and afterwards, we went and had drinks at a nearby bar. The clutch was perfect for our night out. I like to keep my belongings close to me, for evenings like this, so it literally came in clutch ;)

Next I’m using it as a sleeve for my 12” Mac laptop. I actually traveled with it in my backpack, as my laptop case. There’s still space for more items, even with the laptop in it! It’s perfect for a business meeting or just as your companion to the local coffee shop to work for an hour. While we are talking work, it also works really well as a portfolio for interviews or to carry work files to an off-site meeting.

Senreve Envelope Clutch (c/o) | Gold Purse Chain | J. Crew Factory Camisole | J. Crew Collection Pants | BlankNYC Leather Jacket | Marc Fisher Pointy Toe Bootie

Lastly I’m using it as a crossbody. Note that it wasn’t made to be a crossbody and therefore doesn’t have any loops for a strap, but purchased this chain off Amazon to see if I’d like it as one. Senreve does sell a chain though - you can find it here! The closure is magnetic and the clutch has a hard crease at the top, so the chain stays nicely and holds a good amount of weight. I can even carry it like this with my laptop in it! You just have to be careful when you open the bag, as the chain is loose. This is only slightly annoying for me and #worthit because I like the look. You' can’t really see, but it says Senreve on the front in gold, so the chain pops that hue very nicely. The clutch as a crossbody is great for events and meetings where I’ll be standing/needing my hands… you know to hold drinks and shake hands!

Fun news! I’m now a Senreve ambassador, so yes I will be spamming you even more-so with Senreve content. And by spam, I mean good spam!! This bags fits my lifestyle perfectly, so they are natural to include. But hey! When I find something I like, I really latch onto it. Oh and because I’m an ambassador, use code ELLEMULENOS for a FREE bracelet pouch with any purchase greater than $300! Just add it to the cart and use the code!

I was just chatting with a follower this week about how just because something is “vegan” or made with a sustainable fabric like bamboo, doesn’t mean it is better for the environment. She agreed! I’m for quality products and lasting wear. I am against animal cruelty, but I’m pro-leather, as I plan on carrying my leather pieces forever. This Senreve Envelope Clutch is chic and is a staple basic that will be stylish for years to come. That’s how I prefer to spend my money… on items that are versatile and will stand the test of time in both wear and design.

What’s else of Senreve’s do I have my eye on? I think I might be open the belt bag trend finally. I love how practical they are. They are super versatile too! Senreve makes a buckle belt bag and a zipper version. Both are darling! Have you tried the Senreve brand before? Even if you haven’t which piece do you have YOUR eye on?! Which way was your favorite styling of the clutch?

P.S. Don’t forget to use code ELLEMULENOS for a FREE bracelet pouch with any purchase greater than $300! Just add it to the cart and use the code!

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