Sweet Cherry Pie and Summertime

Show Me Your Mumu Cherry Pie Romper | Dolce Vita Pacer Sandals | Kendra Scott Earrings and Elton Bracelet | NYX Lipstick

Oh my gosh you guys. S U M M E R is here as of Tuesday June 20th! I remember always anxiously awaiting it as a kid...you know back when I used to refer to the year by semester instead of seasons? These days, I don't really get a "summer". I mean I do, but it doesn't hold the same wonder, ya know? If it does for you, don't let me pop your bubble, though!

When I saw Show Me Your Mumu launched their Cherry Pie Gingham collecion, I was like YEP. That's what I'm welcoming summer wearing! It's perfect for the season, but an all around classic at that...you could probably say All American ;) I love it when apparel is perfect for 4th of July, but isn't too in your face / only warrant one wear. Looking for other things to wear? I actually put together a little round-up for the holiday! See it here. Oh and if it doesn't load, just refresh the page!

Speaking of 4th of July, we just booked a last minute trip to West Palm Beach for that weekend! If you have any recommendations for us, let me know, so we can check them out. Lucky for us, that's not our first beach visit for the summer...we are actually headed to Laguna Beach this weekend, for Nick's company trip that was cancelled due to weather, earlier this year. I can wait! You better believe I stocked up on my sunscreen though;)

What else goes better with summer besides a little SPF... a homemade pie you say? 'Tis the season! Not together of course;) But really! Now is when all the fruit is ready to go. I've never been much of a pie person, unless it is chocolate,  but this summer for some reason I have been like OMG give me all the pies. So far, I have made blueberry, blackberry, and cherry...I'm thinking strawberry rhubarb is next on my list! The best part, besides the perfectly ripe produce? The crust! I have been using Sally's Baking Addiction crust recipe and it is the BEST.

Can you get any more summery than what I have been rambling about? Just add a mild sunburn and some freckles, and I'm good to go;) Shop more of the same cherry pie gingham print? Scroll through the widget below and click on any item to be taken directly to the webpage. Bon App├ętit for you and your wardrobe!

P.S. Here's a fun fact about me...you see that glass coke bottle? I have probably had it for 6-7 years now, along with a whole case of other ones! I went through this phase where I collected glass bottles...I don't drink much Coke these days - I'm pretty much a water, wine, and tea girl! BUT a Coke can cure a headache and cramps, so I definitely keep it around. I was about to ask Nick if he would go get a glass coke from the gas station, but he was like "babe...you already have a million. Just pour one of your cans into a bottle!" Such a smart hubby. I knew I kept all those bottles for a reason;)

Hope you start your summer off with some fun - happy hump day eve!

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