Summer Workwear Wardrobe: Shift Dresses

J. Crew Factory Pleated Shift Dress (size DOWN. I needed a 2 instead of a 4) | Sam Edelman Ankle Strap Sandals | Kendra Scott Sophee Earrings and Elton Bracelet

I'm currently sitting in the Palm Beach International  Airport and although it's cooler than it is outside, it's still pretty humid indoors. It was my first trip to Palm Beach and although I've been to Orlando, I don't remember it being this hot? The thermostat would tell us it was only 90 degrees and I was like LIES. Dallas just isn't as hot yet.

Anyway, I was known for never wearing pants in high school...and no, not in a slutty way;) I just always wore dresses and skirts. Only a handful of classmates ever saw me wear jeans! It was just a preference. While I do wear jeans nowadays, my summer office wardrobe reverts back to my high school days- no pants! Right now, I have the benefit of parking in a garage at our new office, but once the Omni is built, it may get taken away. If I were to park in our lot, I would FEEL THE BURN and that heavily affects my wardrobe choices. So, what's my office wear of choice that is breathable, yet cute? Shift dresses!

Shift dresses are great - they offer timeless and flattering cuts, along with breathability! You knowwww how hot pants and even tighter dresses can get. Can't bare your shoulders? Just add on a cute cardi! Also, you can bring a lot of shift dresses into the fall with you, by adding tights, boots, or a blazer!

So where to buy and how to stock up? J. Crew does an amazing job of making shift dresses. They don't always go on sale, so a lot of the time, I look to J. Crew Factory for most of mine. The dress I'm wearing is currently on sale for under $60 and utter perfection, just size down! 

What do you like to wear for your summer wardrobe that keeps you cute AND comfy?

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