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Style for Every Body: Sports Bra Edition

Style for Every Body: Sports Bra Edition

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We are in the THICK of summer, so the Style for Every Body girls decided to share sports bras for the month of August, as it is the month we are most likely going to strip down to them! I will say that I’ve been taking my top off a lot more lately, as I’m back at CorePower Yoga, but that is just so my sweat will activate my yoga towel!

To be really honest, I’m not super picky about sports bras. I don’t have a ton of chest to support - I’m pretty average sized, so I don’t need a specialized one. That being said, I don’t usually choose to spend a ton of money on sports bras. They are typically things I only notice when they aren’t good. I like most, but some are crap. You know? I don’t have to have it, but one of the things I love in sports bras are removable pads. I don’t usually use them, butI love that I can slip them in if I’m doing something before or after class, or even when traveling. Airplanes are cold!

Let’s start with me… Lauren from LMents of Style

Today I’m wearing the Montiel Teardrop Sports bra. I like it because it acts more like cotton (It’s not) and doesn’t move on your skin like a lot of technical fabrics do. It has remove-able pads, so I’ve actually worn it with regular tops. It has great support! I also like that back straps go straight down the spine, so they fit perfectly under racerback tanks!

Montiel Teardrop Bra | LuluLemon All the Right Places Pant | Nike Tennis Shoes | Ray-ban Erik Sunglasses

I’m wearing: Montiel Teardrop Bra

What size I am wearing: Small

Where I like to shop for sports bras: Nike , Outdoor Voices (love their crops for yoga!), and Prana.

How tall I am: 5’7.5”

What body type I identify with: Regular length, Pear shaped

Meredith from The Healthy Curve

Meredith is wearing: Old Navy High Support Racerback Sports Bra

What size she is wearing: XL

Where she likes to shop for sports bras: Old Navy and AdoreMe. Soma for higher impact work outs.

How tall she is: 5’4”

What body type she identifies with: Petite, Curvy, Hourglass

See more from her on her blog The Healthy Curve and on her instagram page!

Ginger from The Ginger Marie Blog

Ginger is wearing: Athleta Free Run Bra

What size she is wearing: XL

Where she likes to shop for sports bras: Athleta for long walks and yoga. Outdoor Voices and Brooks for higher impact workouts!

How tall she is: 5’11”

What body type she identifies with: Tall, Curvy

See more from her on her hilarious Instagram Stories and her blog The Ginger Marie Blog.

Kileen from Cute and Little

Kileen is wearing: LuluLemon Energy Bra

What size she is wearing: 4

Where she likes to shop for sports bras: LuluLemon because they are comfortable and they last! Sweat doesn’t show through and they are supportive.

How tall she is: 5’0”

What body type she identifies with: Short, Petite, Athletic Build

Check out more details on her blog Cute and Little and her instagram CuteNLittle too!

Stay tuned for part two of this style for every body series. We are sharing our favorite workout leggings! What’s your favorite kind of sports bra? Brand?? Do tell! If you want to see any of our other Style for Every Body features, click here!

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