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Style for Every Body: Jeans Edition

Style for Every Body: Jeans Edition

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YOU GUYS. This post has literally been in my drafts since 2017. I was super busy and just didn’t have the time. Well it’s 2019 and I freaking made time (finally) because I think it is super important. I’m so excited to introduce a new monthly series that I’m proud to feature on LMents of Style called Style for Every Body. I’m partnering with local Dallas bloggers (who also happen to be my friends) to represent different body types, while styling common closet items and sharing tips and tricks for styling, well… every body.

Up first? JEANS! I wanted to begin super basic and denim is something everyone has at least one pair of! I know plenty of people who don’t wear jeans because they can’t find something that fits and/or don’t like how they look on their body. Honestly I hate that. I want everyone to have clothes they love and feel good in. Ya know?

Let’s start with me… Lauren from LMents of Style

Madewell Central Shirt | Madewell 10” High Rise Danny Wash Jeans | Vince Darlington Flats | Ilia Lipstick: Rosette | Square Silk Scarf

Whenever I meet people in person, they comment on my size - not in like a mean way? But yeah. I think they expect me to be shorter and smaller. What can I say? They didn’t call me Spanndex (My maiden name is Spann) in high school for nothing! I have narrow shoulders, a longer torso, and wide hips. I’ve struggled to find jeans that fit my hips w/o gaping at my waist. I’ve heard great things about Madewell for years, but didn’t try them out until 2017. They are legit my favorite place to buy jeans from now though!! Plus, if you shop in store, you can bring an old pair of jeans in and they will give you $20 off a new pair! ALSO, come July, they will probably be a feature item at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Last year Nordstrom added them and I scored 2 pairs of Madewell jeans for under $100 each! (one olive pair and one blue button up pair)

I’m wearing: Madewell 10" jeans Danny Wash Jeans (comfiest pair of jeans I own)

What size I am wearing: 28 (I size down in Madewell jeans - I wear a 29 elsewhere)

Where I like to shop for jeans: Madewell because they fit my booty and I love their branding and marketing. I also like J. Brand.

How tall I am: 5’7.5”

What body type I identify with: Regular length, Pear shaped

Meredith from The Healthy Curve

Funny story, I met Meredith at a Match.com event. She came right up to me and introduced herself as a follower of mine! Since I was married, I didn’t think I’d “meet” anyone there, but I did. Hah! She runs a blog called The Healthy Curve. She is committed to helping women grow stronger and encourages fitness at every size. She is dedicated to encouraging others over on her instagram page. I love following her because she keeps it real with her busy lifestyle and shares tips on how to remain healthy, while doing lots of things, which in her case means working a 9-5, blogging AND getting her MBA. #getitgirl

Meredith is wearing: Good American Jeans (very stretchy, so keep in mind for sizing)

What size she is wearing: 14

Where she likes to shop for jeans: Nordstrom because you can shop online + returns/exchanges are easy.

How tall she is: 5’4”

What body type she identifies with: Petite, Curvy

Ginger from The Ginger Marie Blog

To be honest, I can’t remember when the first time I met Ginger was (I think it was the Dallas Bloggers Collective? #RIP), but anyway she is synonymous with the Dallas blogging industry to me. She is HILARIOUS and you have to watch her Instagram Stories. She writes about fitness, food and travel over on The Ginger Marie Blog and also runs a charitable fitness event called Barre and Bites. She is super genuine and can light up any room she walks into.

Ginger is wearing: Madewell Taller Curvy High-rise Skinny Jeans

What size she is wearing: Taller 34

Where she likes to shop for jeans: Madewell because their pants fit like a glove and they last forever.

How tall she is: 5’11”

What body type she identifies with: Tall, Curvy

Kileen from Cute and Little

I thinkkkk I originally met Kileen at fitness event? I don’t 100% recall, but she is the cutest little mama around. It’s literally her Instagram name - CuteNLittle!! Okay, but not only is she cute, she is SMART. She is a full-time software developer and a mom of 2! You can read more about fitness and lifestyle (in addition to her sweet family!) over on her blog Cute and Little.

Kileen is wearing: American Eagle High Waisted Jeans

What size she is wearing: 00 X-Short (size down if you're in-between as the material does have quite a bit of stretch)

Where she likes to shop for jeans: American Eagle as they have X-Short and short and are affordable. Plus their jeans don’t stretch out!

How tall she is: 5’0”

What body type she identifies with: Short, Petite

Some of the stores that I think do a great job at representing all body types are Madewell, Nike, American Eagle / Aerie, Asos, Nordstrom private labels like Halogen. Do you have a favorite? Better yet, do you have a request for us? Let us know!! We have a running list to get through, but are always happy to add to it!

I hope you enjoyed the first installment of Style for Every Body. We’ll see you next time and CAN’T WAIT!!

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White Sneakers: Cariuma

White Sneakers: Cariuma

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