Spring 2017 Trends

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Happy Spring!! I can hardly stand it, y'all! Isn't it amazing how God made seasons? I say I want summer year-round, but once fall hits, I'm ready for it! Today is the first day of spring equinox for the northern hemisphere, so, I'll start with this fun movie quote!  "Florals? For Spring? Ground breaking." - The Devil Wears Prada

I've talked about it before, but trends come and go...there's really nothing new, if you can bear my fashion cynicism;) BUT let me go over some basic trends to look for this spring. The below pictures contains some of my favorite pieces. You can shop by scrolling through the widget below and directly clicking on an image, to be taken to its specific website. Read more about my top 8 spring trends to be on the lookout for, as well!

Graphic Tees. It was honestly really hard for me to get back into these, because I wore so many of them in the early 2000's. BUT what has changed is that previously they were fake restaurants or something along those lines and now they are more funny or empowering sayings. There's specifically a lot of girl power slogans!

Stripes. But did they ever really go out?! It's kind of like how there are people saying that gingham is trending and I'm over here like...when was it not trending? It is definitely a classic in my book.Nevertheless, stripes are important and are definitely a popular pick and therefore, trending.

Brights. Think yellows and pinks. Chartreuse is definitely my happy color. I was over the moon whenever J. Crew used it in their NYFW Fall line a couple of years ago and it has only been growing in popularity. Pinks are also playing a huge role, from neon to berries.

Pastels. Again, not a real surprise for spring; however, their popularity for things other than babies ebb and flow. I actually wrote about their trendiness here, and more specifically wrote about lavender here and powder blue here. Lavender is definitely my favorite and a color that I feel a lot of people are drawn to.

Florals. I know, I know. Not ground breaking. Florals are trending for spring, but they are kind of more in your face than what was previously popular. Nothing much else to say about them, because I don't really ever see them going away entirely.

Shoulders. Or should I more specifically, one shoulder! I wrote about this trend here, but I really do think that it is the new off the shoulder look! There are specific one shoulder tops out there, but also "off the shoulder" on just one, instead of both!

Cut Outs. Perforation is so popular!! I wrote about the perforated shoe trend here, but it really transposes into other realms of fashion as well. The dress I featured on this blog post has laser cuts down the sleeves and sides. Same type of trend, but executed differently, would be the romper/maxi dress on this instagram post. It has new and different cut outs and slits, which are fun and exciting both aesthetically and personally...especially if you don't wear something like that a lot. This trend is just really fun to help you "spice it up."

Texture. Texture is one of my favorite things to add to any outfit. We are seeing a lot of ornate decoration on a apparel right now, which adds visual appeal, due to the texture shifts and changes. I also think this is why velvet has made such a comeback - because, it is a texture we haven't seen in a while. I also think patches, pompoms, and embroidery fall under this category. It gives your look a little "something something", if you know what I mean!

What do you think? Will you partake in any of these? If you liked this, be sure to prep for fall with my NYFW pre-Fall 2017 trends.

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