What to Do on a Friday Night In ft. Deer Lord

Thank you Deer Lord! for sponsoring this post. Grab your new edition of Deer Lord! social party game, available through Target retail stores starting July 30.

My birthday was this week and as I reflect on the year, I realize the business never truly stops. You can miss SO much just staring at your screen all day - it's important to unplug and spend face to face time with family and friends! My husband and I are very much entertainers, but haven't had as much time to do so with our wine bar venture, so we decided to set aside some time, to just make good food and hang out with friends.

What's your favorite thing to do with friends? Movies are fun, but you miss out on that quality conversation. Going out to eat is fun, but sometimes it's nice to just be in the comfort of a home! When we get together with friends, we always like cook and throw in a game or two, especially if it's with a new group of people- they make for great ice breakers! They are also great for people who have been friends for a while though, because they often show funny and even competitive sides you don't normally see!

A week or two ago, Nick and I had our friends Kami and TJ come over, made them a yummy meal, and played Deer Lord - a fun, new game! It began as an independent game in Europe and Lark and Clam revised the game to what we have today! You can see people play it here, butttt if you missed my Facebook Live, you can see us playing it here!

One thing that I love about the game is that it's not super complicated. You can pick up on it pretty quickly and it doesn't need a lot of explaining. Essentially everyone has a hand of cards     and they are either dupes or duels. Duel cards suggest that you challenge someone, for example TJ challenged Nick to a beat boxing war! The other players decide who wins. The winner gets to keep the card in a discard pile and often gets a reward, that is stated on the card. Dupe cards say something that you are supposed to do without getting caught! I had one that said I was supposed to play an instrument -either real or fake! No one caught me;) BUT if someone thought I was "duping" them, they would shout DEER LORD and I would be forced to draw another card. The overall objective of the game is to discard all of your cards, then you are crowned the victor!

Want to try it out for yourself? Grab it at your local Target either in-store or online! It's sure to be a hit at your next get-together! A good Friday night in, might just be what the doctor ordered!

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