Pre Wedding Fitness ft. Bells and Barbells

I’ve partnered with Bells and Barbells to bring you this post. All opinions remain
my own.

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Fitness is often one of the first things that newly engaged people become more serious about, after getting that sparkly thing on their finger! Can you blame them? They want to look their best for the best day of their lives!

If you're newly engaged and in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, listen up! If you want to sweat it out for your wedding, then you're in luck. Katherine Bahlburg of Bells and Barbells dreamed up your ideal wedding fitness team. Wedding clients is literally all she focuses on! I mean what a perfect niche!

Let's start with the basics...not all trainers are created equal. A lot will just use the same work out from client to client and just differentiate it by the day. They are there for work out, but not really present in your life or your needs. Well, Kat is the complete opposite. I'll start from the beginning.

Katherine Bahlburg has crazy accolades like coaching olympic lifting and over 12 years of experience as an athlete, coach, and personal trainer. Her bubbly and encouraging personality is present and constant from the first time you meet her, to after you ask if you really have to do 10 more burpees. I trained with her last Saturday and later that day she texted me that I did a good job and she hoped I had a good day with my soon-to-be  husband. She's like your personal trainer who helps you make better decisions, but is also your friend at the same time. In fact, she is usually invited to her bride's weddings -that's how close they get!

Yes, Kat is literally a personal trainer as in she is personable, but she is also all about you! She keeps notes on you and what you want - she does different work outs for every single one of her clients, depending on their needs and desires. Another really cool feature she has is rehab. She is able to work with clients who just had surgeries or are recovering from an  injury, all while helping them get fit. For me, she focused a lot on my booty. At first I was like, um, I don't need anymore booty. It's like 13 inches bigger than my waist, BUT I was wrong. Kat focused on strengthening my buns, because this helps lower back, hips, and knees, which is what I struggle with! 

Taking the whole personal thing to another level, if you are one of her trainees, you basically get to have the perks of a big gym, plus more! There are showers and a place where you can get ready, plus a full kitchen, so you can meal prep right there and be on your way! Additionally, Bells and Barbells has teamed up with other wedding businesses and similar niche companies, like spas and restaurants, to give you discounts! I think my favorite one is the Snap Kitchen discount!

If you're a bride (or groom - she does do couple sessions!) or even a bridesmaid in a wedding, and are in the DFW, contact Bells and Barbells. She is getting a brand new studio off of Henderson, before the end of the year. I seriously cannot wait to see it! Yes, it's good to want to get fit for your wedding day, but it's more important to learn what a healthy lifestyle is and manage it for as long as you can. Bells and Barbells helps not only helps you get fit for your wedding - it helps you get fit for life!

To learn more about Bells and Barbells, visit their website. To view all of their services offered, click here. To keep up with them, follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

Not in the DFW area? Don't fret! Bells and Barbells has some exciting things coming down the pipeline. Stay tuned!

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I’ve partnered with Bells and Barbells to bring you this post. All opinions remain
my own.