How not to let Periods Cramp your Style

This post was sponsored by Playtex® Sport® as part of an Influencer Activation for Blog Meets Brand. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.

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Okay, so I've talked about periods on here before. I know some people think it's a little odd, but hey. It's something that is natural, so why hide it? Your body is a beautiful thing and you shouldn't feel shame or guilt about how it works. It has so many intricate parts. That's what makes it so cool!! Have you ever sat back and just pondered it? I encourage you to do so, if you haven't.  

Body shaming and body image issues have become hot topics in the recent years and I hope "period shaming" is able to share some of the spotlight soon, too. Today, I'm collaborating with Playtex® Sport®, to try and bring more visibility into the issue! Playtex® Sport® conducted a survey of 500 U.S. women between 13-24 and found that more than half (64%) feel less confident or embarrassed in certain situations when they're on their menstrual cycle. An overwhelming 3/4 of women  often decide not to exercise or participate in a sport when they're on their period. Oh and 48% of women have admitted to using toilet paper as a makeshift pad, which is not recommended.

I am definitely part of that 48%...Aunt Flo came to visit last Saturday, during my bridal portrait session. I mean, that's not something I could just "not do" or "quit", you know?  It's been an ongoing issue for me. As of Wednesday, September 21st, I will have had my period for 3 weeks. What?! (Yes my gyno knows) I don't have time to just sit everything out because of it. From trying to get a decent run in, in the morning, to my 9-5 job, to blogging - my other job, to having a social life, all while trying to put the finishing touches on my wedding, I've got 0 time to lose. So how do I Play On®? Enter Playtex® Sport®.

Playtex® Sport® believes that women should feel prepared, confident, and protected, especially during a time when they may feel they are not. These past few weeks I have definitely not felt great about my body, so I'm very happy to be working on this campaign and sharing the fact that periods should not keep us from what we love! Playtex® Sport® created products with Sport Level Protection® that allows you to keep on running, leaping, or whatever it is you enjoy!

Interested in trying out the Playtex® Sport® line? Here's their product offering:

- Ultra-Thin Pads with Wings. These have Qwik-DryTM technology, which keeps moisture away, as well as a FlexFit® design that twists and turns with your body movement. They also have Odor Shield®, which is a definite must and are individually wrapped, making them perfect to just throw in your purse.

- Body Shape Panty Liners. Also made with the FlexFit® design and OdorShield®, these are thin, yet super absorbent and ready to move with you.

- Combo Packs. These are my personal favorite, because they have a little bit of everything - They have 2 varieties (tampons and pads) of Sport Level Protection® in one convenient package. With this product, you get 360 degrees of protection, which is what I need!

Playtex® Sport® partnered with four one-of-a-kind female athletes to create a Ready, Set, Play On! video series. Together, these women who embody the Play On® spirit, shared their unique preparation rituals that motivate them to Play On®, even during their period, because feeling confident AND comfortable is so important while being active. Watch their stories here.

Feeling inspired, but want more or just want to try out their system?  Get your free sample here

No matter what you do, let Playtex® Sport® help you Play On®.

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This post was sponsored by Playtex® Sport® as part of an Influencer Activation for Blog Meets Brand. I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.