Basic Invite, for Life's not so Basic Moments

Thank you to Basic Invite for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

Okay, y’all, today is something a little different – I’m going to be doing somewhat of a #FlashbackFriday! 2017 marks FIVE years since I have graduated from college (and eight years since I graduated high school! I graduated college a semester early, if you are like…that math doesn’t add up.) Anyway, people may still be graduating, but man has the process changed! From parties to presents, things have just gotten CRAZY. I remember just sending out normal graduations announcements, but that is kind of a thing of the past. Maybe you keep one of the traditional ones as a memento, but nowadays people send out much more of a photo/ keepsake card, which I think is so cool!

But who to use for College Graduation Announcements. There are a plethora of paper companies today, but how do you separate the weeds from the blooms on who to choose? Whether your focus is on price or product, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice either! Enter Basic Invite!
Basic Invite is a paper and card company that is based out of Saint George, Utah. For over ten years, they have been creating not only goods that are truly unique, but goods that are truly YOU!  With so many combinations, you won’t run the risk of having the same exact layout and font on your Picture Graduation Cards. (Heaven forbid!! That’s worse than wearing the same dress to a party!) Basic Invite is basically like the Sonic of paper goods, except endless paper options, instead of drink choices;) So what specifications do they allow you to play with, to create the perfect cards? Well let me tell ya!

-Crazy Color Options. Basic Invite offers 180 color choices for your cards and 80 envelope options! Whether you want jewel tones or pastels, they’ve got you covered! I don’t know about you, but the envelope is what pops out at me when opening my mailbox, so if it is an amazing color, it is sure to impress me!

-Custom Samples. Yes, you get your instant preview, but you also get a real life sample to touch and feel!! This is probably my favorite feature, since digital previews are what most companies give you these days.

-Free Address Collection Service. I lied. THIS is actually my favorite feature!! They will literally request addresses for you from the recipients – that is half of the battle of inviting anyone to anything! Not to mention, they also offer free address printing, and the heavenly peel and seal envelopes, because they know you don’t have the time or spit to lick hundreds of cards.

-Designer Details. Want your invitations to wow and be super memorable? Basic Invite has invitations that are far from basic…from the curliest of script fonts that look hand done, to foil, or even wood invitations, you can graduate college (or use them for any other gathering, for that matter), in style!

-Suite Options.  If you’re having a special graduation party and want to include a separate little note with the invite, not to worry…Basic Invite has pocket invitation options, as well as coordinating cards.

So, what do you think? Basic Invite makes great graduation announcements, but also have products for other moments in your life, like weddings or even just stationary. I hope you’ll check them out, next time you have a paper need! My sister will graduate from Grad School in about a year, so I can't wait to use these for her!

P.S. Here's some pictures of my at my college graduation. Enjoy ;)

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Thank you to Basic Invite for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.