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Sharing an Apartment: How to Combine Décor Styles

Sharing an Apartment: How to Combine Décor Styles

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Hi friends!  In the coming months, I’m going to be transitioning my brand and blog to be more lifestyle, so here’s a little taste of what is to come. I hope you like it! Most of you know, but I got married about three months ago! (it feels like a lifetime ago. I guess time flies when you’re having fun;) ) My husband officially moved into my two bedroom apartment in Downtown Dallas, as soon as we got back from our dreamy honeymoon in Saint Lucia. We didn’t register for any bedroom things really, because we didn’t know what we wanted. My old bedroom items were moved into the guest room, but the living room and master bedroom were really up to the both of us to decide.  I know some guys really don’t care about décor, but Nick actually does, PLUS, I actually want our styles to mesh…not just be one sided. There’s a reason I didn’t ask for a pink kitchen aid mixer even though I wanted it;)

Okay, so how do you create a space for you and someone else, without being too one sided? Here’s what Nick and I considered before buying furniture and decorating our space together:

1      Find out what your styles are. When Nick and I first met, we were very much traditionalists. We liked classic styles above all else. Now we realize that our styles have changed and we enjoy much more modern decor than we thought! We were lucky enough to have the same base for stylings, but it doesn’t always work that way. I encourage you to take a quiz online or just be aware of what your style is, so you can learn what each other likes. You can literally just google décor style quiz and some will pop up!

2      Opt for neutrals. I decided to do our bedroom with a base of grey and pops of cream and gold. It is streamline and gender neutral. I ran it by Nick, but I already knew that it fit both of our styles. Our base style may be the same, but the colors we are drawn to are very different. Try bases of neutrals like black, navy, grey, even olive or burgundy! These can have great pop colors that also can showcase your individual styles.

3      Compromise. Yes, styling involves meeting in the middle. Like I mentioned above, I always wanted a light pink kitchen aid mixer, but decided on the cinnamon tone and red Le Creuset items, because that is what Nick and I liked. Another way to compromise is with wall décor –include items from your individual lives, as well as your life together. Whether it is a diploma or a canvas photo, make sure it involves the both of you or at least an even amount of each other.

4      Accept that it is always evolving. I wish that I could just snap my fingers and it would be done, but things happen. For example, our original bedframe broke and California King beds are harder to come by. So yes, things go wrong, but even when they don’t, our tastes change. Be prepared to update your décor –it’s only natural. Just embrace it!

5      Agree on the focal point. It can be hard to style a room in general. Begin with the focal point and most importantly at least agree on that specific thing! You don’t want to main point of a room to be something one of you hate. You have to see it every day!  Whether it is a headboard, a couch, or a wall painting that you want to be noticed first, agree on it and not only will the rest of the décor fall into place around it, but it will cause less arguments. Hey, pick your battles wisely!

Do you have a roommate or are about to have one? I definitely recommend these five tips! Do you have any other ideas? Nick and I are obviously still evolving our style, so I’d love to learn your tricks, as well!

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