5 Ways to Stay fit this Fall ft. Verizon

Thank you Verizon, for sponsoring this post and event. All opinions are my own.

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They say summer bodies are made in the winter, and I couldn't agree more. Verizon agrees too! Last week I was honored to host a #VZGetFallFit event with them, at one of their Dallas stores. We talked tech (more on what about on #5!), and got to test out all of their products, while chomping on my favorite protein bar and snapping fun pics. The person with the best picture, then won a FitBit Blaze. #amazing  After that, we sweated out our day, at SoulCycle Preston Hollow. I hadn't ever done SC before, but I now know why people love it! For starters, it smells like a spa, not a sour gym. If you have a chance to take one of their classes, definitely try it out!

Spin classes are just one idea to stay motivated and fit this fall, but there are so many other ways to do so. Here are my top 5 ways to stay fit this fall and keep those summer bodies going.

1) Get a cute water bottle. People ask me why I carry humongous water bottles around with me, and my answer is "because I need to drink more water, and you should too". Carrying large, and cute bottles with you really does help. On the weekend it's harder for me to have water at all times, so my intake is usually less than it needs to be, but during the week, I am on point! I love the liter BKR bottle, but the 25mm S'well Bottle is great too  (I like to leave this in my car in case I'm thirsty on the road and use it in hot yoga at CorePower)

2) Wear BA kicks. Yep. Cool shoes make you go faster. Or at least they motivate you to. I recently bought a pair of Nike Juvenate Sneakers and am obsessed. I actually fell down the stairs in them and am convinced they helped prevent an ankle sprain, no lie. You don't have to wear socks with them, so they make your laundry load easier. This may be just a mental thing, but if it helps, why not? Kick your boring shoes to the curb.

3) Buy clothing that works with you. Yeah, sometimes I wear t-shirts when I really should be wearing performance gear, but for the most part, I try to stay smart when it comes to moisture wicking. When it comes to working out, if a tag or something is bothering me, or the sweat doesn't seem to get soaked up, my mind jumps to that, instead of focusing on finishing my workout on point. My current favorite workout clothes are from TASC performance. They are super soft bamboo and don't hold a scent. Definitely expect a blog post on them soon! (This morning I wore this tank, with these crops, and this sports bra!)

4) Use the time you have. Only have 20 minutes? Don't use that as an excuse not to do something. Go punch out 2 miles on the treadmill or pound some weights real fast. You'll always go faster than the person who doesn't go at all, so just do it. We all have "those days", but doing nothing will just make it worse. Endorphins make you happy :)

5) Use technology for your benefit. With all of the technology and fitness apps we have these days, there really isn't an excuse to not stay fit. My event with Verizon, was to talk about their newest phone, the Moto Z Droid, was was pretty darn cool. Not only is it the thinnest phone on the market, but it has 2 times the battery life of an iPhone. The neatest thing about it, is that it's essentially a transformer phone. You can buy these mods that make it something else. There's a speaker mod, so you can play your jams loud and clear, keeping you pumped up for your workout. There's a projector mod, so you can watch your fitness videos and workouts via a larger "screen". There's a battery pack mod that gives you up to 22 hours more batter life, in just one snap. The entire back part of the phone is a magnet, so they snap on and off, including fun cases (my favorite was by Kate Spade, duh). Oh and one more thing, it's water resistant on the inside and outside! Great for those days you're a sweaty betty! It's pretty much a workout fiends phone, right? Learn more about it here.

Have you ever tested out the Moto Z Droid? If you haven't, at least test it out, you'll love all the features! Do you have any other ideas to stay fit this fall? I'd love to hear them, since my wedding is 2 months away TOMORROW and I'm in San Antonio eating chips and queso...Hope y'all have had a great weekend!

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Thank you Verizon, for sponsoring this post and event. All opinions are my own.