Southern Elle Style Shop Share: Snap Kitchen

Blaque Label Maxi Dress | Mossimo Vest | Matisse Nugent Booties | Kendra Scott Earrings | Essie Shearling Darling Nail Polish | Lisa Steward Leather Wrap

If you follow me on Instagram, then this outfit probably looks familiar, as I just posted this week!  It was kind of an accident that I wore it in a shoot as well.  I knew I needed to shoot my Friday post, but my photographer boyfriend was out of town until yesterday.  We literally shot this right after i picked him up from the airport, because I'm sitting in the Dallas Love Field Airport as I'm typing this... there was no other time for us to shoot!  Speaking of being in a rush, I bring you this week's Southern Elle Style Shop Share of this week - Snap Kitchen!

Snap Kitchen is a Texas based food chain that is the poster child for serving fresh and convenient food, that is healthy! Do you need to re-read that sentence? It is a fast food chain that cares about what you put in your body! 

Founded in 2010, Snap Kitchen is popping up all over the place! Their headquarters are in Austin, TX, so it is now wonder that Texas has the largest chunk of their business; however, they also have several locations in Chicago!

If you looked through my photos, then you saw the wall of food. Those are all individually pre-packed food that is not only yummy, but bikini-bod approved! From Butternut Squash Macaroni, to Chimichurri Beef, there is something for everyone. Their packaging is clearly labeled if it is GF, V, LF, and P, s if you have food allergies or preferences, it is a perfect place for you to go They carry their own fresh meals and cold-pressed juices, but they also carry yummy snacks like OAtmega Bars and Kombucha, that aren't their brand.

One of the coolest parts of Snap Kitchen in my opinion is that they have microwaves for you to heat up your meal! My boyfriend and I took advantage of this on our road trip last week and it was perfect. (But if you follow me on SnapChat (ElleSpann) then you already knew that ; ) ) Typically if you need food fast, you have to clog your arteries in the process. Or if you do try to eat healthy, it doesn't have any flavor. Snap Kitchen is the best of both worlds and I highly recommend it.

Have you ever tried Snap Kitchen? What is your favorite meal?

To learn more about Snap Kitchen, click here. To view their menu, click here. To keep up with them, follow their Blog, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts!

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I am a Snap Kitchen Rep. All opinions are my own.

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