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Whenever I travel, I like to buy souvenirs that are from there locals, not made in China. Several years ago, my family took a trip to South Carolina. Charleston was my favorite city of the vacay- I could go on and on. It's seriously such a great vacation spot, whether you are with your girls or a romantic getaway.

Anyway, they have Charleston City Market that has been around since 1804! There are booths after booths  of goodies, which is where I stumbled upon Rewined. Not only are they made in the USA (Charleston, to be exact), but they recycle old wine bottles for the bases and have the best scent ever! I was immediately hooked. Riesling was the scent I bought that trip and is still my favorite of their core scents. They also offer Cabernet, Pinot Noir (I have bought this one for my bf multiple times, so it is boy approved), Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Grigio, and Sauvignon Blanc.  A couple of newer core scents are Rose (another one of my faves!) and Champagne. Along with these basics, they have a several seasonals. Wine under the Tree for winter, Mimosa for spring, Sangria for summer, and Spiked Cider for fall!

If you are tired of pumpkin spice, and even if you aren't, Spiked Cider scent is for you! It smells absolutely glorious. And, if you really want to put your fall into gear, you can get their magnum sized candle. They just started offering the Spiked Cider in it!  (The candle in my pics is magnum sized).  Rewined offers certain candles in magnum size, which is bigger and better!  One of my favorite attributes of Rewined Candles is that you don't have to have them lit, to catch a whiff of their scent. They have this aroma about them, that just naturally comes off; this makes them perfect for work if you can't have lit candles, or even around small children.

With the holidays coming up, this makes a perfect gift for anyone. A housewarming present, hostess gift, Christmas goody for your name it, it works! If you are in a bind and don't have time to order it online, West Elm carries them in store! (though I will say that the packaging is worth the online order).

Try Rewined out! You'll want to get them for every room in your house, for every season, for sure! 

P.S. They just broadened their line to include soaps and refurbished wine bottle glasses. I am DYING to get some of both!

Keep up with Rewined via their website and blog. Shop them here or here. Follow them via their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts.

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