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I'm not a huge make-up/beauty person, but when it comes to lotion and skincare, I know enough to know what's good and what isn't. That being said, I've tried my fair share of scrubs - from using Bath and Body Works' via the sink in their store (circa the 90's), to homemade scrubs, I have received as a party favor. None of those were bad, but now that I've tried Lovers Scrub, they sure as heck weren't great!

Lovers Scrub is a product made by Love from Cyprus. (They make cutest sandals! I die over these) Their scrub is a 100% Natural Vegan Mediterranean sea salt mixture. I think what really sets it apart, is that they involve essential oils! The one I used is a mint & vanilla bean body polish, The sea salt is awesome alone, but with the essential oils, you get exfoliation, then rejuvenation! 

They offer others ( lavender/olive oil and coffee/sugar), but mine is specifically geared to an athlete. Now, I'm no Olympian, but I do work out. This scrub is perfect for a post-workout glow, as it exfoliates and refreshes the skin and senses! The ingredients in the mint & vanilla scrub are natural Mediterranean sea salt, dried mint leaves, vanilla seeds, mint essential oil, cold-pressed olive oil and a mix of other essential oils. These solutions are known for helping reduce the appearance of dry and dull skin, stress and muscle aches, and also help reduce stress and mental exhaustion. And that's just them working together- they also do other things, as individual ingredients!

Mint is very soothing -to the skin, as well as the brain. Vanilla has lots of B Vitamins, which help protect your skin from earthly pollutants and toxins. Seriously, this scrub seriously smells so good, and it's all natural! Made without parabens or silicones, what's not to love?

I have been using Lover's Scrub for about 3-4 weeks and have already seen great results! My favorite place to use it is on my thighs and the back of my arms. I get tiny bumps there that aren't visible, and this has helped decrease them, dramatically. 

To learn more about Lovers Scrub, visit their Website. To keep up with them, follow their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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