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If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I have been obsessed with CorePower Yoga as of late. (So, if you're in Dallas and ever want to go to the same class together, let me know!) Yoga has been a great go-to for me. It helps keep my mind off the fact that my body isn't ready run again yet. I love doing yoga and had previously practiced it on and off, but never really stuck to it,which leads me to my next point...I have a lot more running clothes, than I do yoga-wear.

If I am running, I prefer to wear shorts like these; but, for yoga, I like to keep my legs covered via capris. That being said, I have a few pair of tights that I love, but my legging wardrobe needs little love ;) Enter Harvest Active!

Since my infatuation with CorePower Yoga, I've been on the hunt for cool, new workout styles. CPY actually carries a lot of brands, and it was there that I discovered Harvest Active. I knew I had to learn more about them, whenever I saw their moto legging (the pair I'm wearing in the post). I absolutely fell in love with the design and craftsmanship! They label it as "the most unique legging on the market" and I totally agree, don't you? It may look like a fashion statement (and it is), but the detailing is actually is giving you internal knee and cushioning support. For someone who has historically bum knees, they are like my guardian angel!

If you think that the coolness of Harvest Active stops there, then you're wrong. This brand has beauty AND brains. Their company's purpose is to help others live a greener life. They produce their lines with 90% recycled materials, donate 1% of total sales to organizations benefiting the environment, and for every item sold, they plant a tree. So, not only are they helping you get your sweat on and stay healthy, but they are trying to keep the world healthy too! They even have a page dedicated to green living tips.

Finally a company that makes you feel good - both inside and out! So, what are you waiting for? Harvest your life. 

Learn more about Harvest Active here. Shop Mens here and Womens here. Keep up with them via their Blog, Facebook, and Instagram.

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