Southern Elle Style Shop Share: Dharma Yoga Wheel

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Before I dive into today's "Southern Elle Style Shop Share", I want to pause. This is my 52nd week to do Southern Elle Style Shop Share. WHAT?! I know. I have loved ever second of it! Generally speaking, these are not sponsored posts, but written around items that I have found, think are cool, or just want to share. With that being said, I feel like I have established my "business" niche and desire to continue it; however, this will be my last post with the title "southern elle style shop share" incorporated.  Why? Well, I want to be more helpful and searchable. I'd rather title something "The only headphones you need to ever purchase" rather than "southern elle style shop share: XXXX Brand". Not only is it better in SEO (search engine optimization), but it is also more clickable. I mean, what title would you be more likely to click on. Another change (for the good), is that I will be able to post business related items whenever I want, instead of just Fridays!

Anyway, onto the reason you clicked on this post... the Dharma Yoga Wheel! I bought this tool, about 2 months ago and am still getting the hang of it. First of all, you don't have to be a yogi to use it! The main reason I purchased it, was because I wanted to stretch out my back ( I have scoliosis. Read more about my journey here) - that's what it is most known for. It make look easy, but it isn't! I tried to do 5 minutes of the heart opening pose (that I did above), and had to keep alternating my legs bent or straight, because my back was so tense.

I practice yoga, but I'm not master yogi. It is utterly amazing what people do on these wheels!! You can do so many inversions with them and/or use it to aid your current practice - ie put the wheel under your feet to work on flying crow. 

BUT you don't have to practice yoga to get a lot of use from this wheel. You can do mountain climbers and a myriad of other ab movements. Honestly, this wheel is so versatile, it's definitely worth the purchase.

To learn more about Dharma Yoga Wheel, visit their Website. To keep up with them via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Have you ever used a yoga wheel? Do you think you will?

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