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Questions to Ask During your Job Interview

Questions to Ask During your Job Interview

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Welcome to week 2 of my Women in the Workplace series that comes out every Wednesday! See last week’s post here!

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I told you almost 2 weeks ago (longer than that if you get my newsletter!) that I got a new job! It might seem sudden and an “overnight” type of thing, but I updated my resume and started applying to jobs last October. SEVEN MONTHS AGO. I studied apparel merchandising/business in college. I’m not a buyer/planner, so though I’m good at other things like processes and such, my actual niche is verrrrry small and somewhat hard to find. (especially not living in NYC, SF or LA.) It’s actually pretty ironic, because I applied to my new job on a whim after seeing an Instagram ad for it! No linked in, glassdoor or recruiting company!! By the time I got this interview, I had been answering questions and talking about myself in a business sense for a while, so although I was nervous, I was confident in my answers and was ready to answer anything they threw at me.

How do I prepare?

  • Ask questions…of yourself! Write or type out answers to all of the main behavioral questions and then once you have done that, practice speaking the answers out loud and get your rhythm down. I wouldn’t recommend trying to memorize an answer, because if you forget a word or something like that, it could throw off your whole answer. Practice answering questions verbally, not just written form. If you need help, just Google Behavioral interview questions and some will populate. These are usually like “Explain a time when you were in a tough situation” “Describe a time where people didn’t agree with you, but moved forward with what you believed in” etc.

  • Take personality tests. These are great things to give you talking points, connect with others and be a better employee. I referenced my enneagram and my top 5 strengths from strengths finder! I’m a 1 and my top 5 strengths are Deliverer, Time Keeper, Commander, Brain Stormer, Analyst. I often referenced these in my cover letter and worked them into answers of behavioral questions. You can tailor the use of them to your benefit depending on what time of role you are applying for.

  • Talk out loud. I have been plagued with commutes to work my entire life, but I like to use car time to speak aloud, whether I’m practicing for a YouTube video, Instastory or an interview! Speaking confidently is achievable, you just have to practice! So yes, talk to yourself, but also have a friend listen to you speak and critique you too. I talk in the car, but I also go over questions/answers/thoughts with Nick! (my husband if you are new around here!)

  • Research the company. Seems pretty obvious, but make sure you do it! Was their stock up or down? Who are their competitors/how do they compete? What’s their history? If you can work any of this tidbits into your interview naturally, that makes you look pretty dang good!

When you interview for a job it can be scary, but remember it is as much an interview for you as it is for the company! It is best to come prepared not only with answers to questions they might have, but with questions for said company to answer. It shows initiative and drive beyond benefits and compensation inquiries and makes you look #AMAZING! Here are some general questions I like to ask:

  • Describe the company’s culture in 1 word.

  • What’s your favorite thing about the company?

  • What do you wish you knew when you started your role at this company, that you know now?

  • How does the company handle mistakes / errors?

  • What does the company look for in a new hire?

  • How does the company define success?

  • What is the company’s process for reviews, advancement, and bonuses?

After interviews, I always like to send a thank you email and write a hand written card where applicable. With my new job, I was hired pretty quickly, so there was no real time to write a note. With my previous job, it was 4 months between them receiving my resume, interviewing in person 3x and FINALLY receiving the job offer, so you better believe I sent some thank you notes!

Whatever you have coming up, good luck. You’ve got this!! Do you have any interview tips? Do tell!! Also feel free to comment below with topics you’d like me to cover on this lovely WITW Wednesday!!

P.S. This is a great jumpsuit for work!! I wore it to church and mother’s day brunch last weekend, but it is perfect for the office and even weddings or parties! Just switch out my flat for some heels! It’s almost sold out in navy, but also comes in a stripe version and a chambray version that I think I need for summer!! It has pockets and is TTS. I am wearing a 4 in it.

P.P.S Isn’t my mom so cute?! Just had to share this pic of her!!

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