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Christina Kober Designs Personalized Fortune Cookie Lariat (c/o) | American Eagle Off the Shoulder Dress

Remember when I helped throw the Baby Shower for a Boy: Airplane Theme? Well, almost two months ago, my friend finally had her baby! I knew I wanted to get her  gift for herself. I definitely agree with getting baby gifts and that I did, but I didn't want to forget the mother, if you know what I mean.

I'm all about thoughtful gift.  In my opinion, it truly is the thought that counts, not the price tag. When I was thinking of what to get Haylea, I thought about our friendship. When she asked me to be in her wedding, she asked  by sending me a box of fortune cookies, with the message "will you be my bridesmaid" typed out! I remembered Christina Kober had a fortune cookie necklace and knew that would be the perfect gift!

If Christina Kober sounds familiar, I actually wrote about her earlier this year, in this post! She makes  a lot of pretty jewelry and most of it you can get personalized. I soon decided that instead of a phrase, I wanted to put the baby's name on the necklace, along with his birthdate. Like a lot of couples these days, they waited to announce his name until after the birth, plus I didn't know what his exact birthday would be, so I waited. In the end, I'm super glad it was an "after" gift, because I feel like that's the time new parents realllly need gifts anyway. Kind of like a "you can do it!" gift. She loved it! It's personal and something that she could wear everyday if she wanted to. Besides being thoughtful, I love buying gifts that are actually useful. 

What kind of gifts do you like to buy? Did you receive a thoughtful gift after you had a baby? What was it? Taking notes;) 

P.S. If you liked the necklace, CK also has a fortune cookie bracelet, as well as earrings!

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