Palm Beach // Lilly Pulitzer

Lilly Pulitzer Stella Shift Dress | Dolce Vita Pacer Slides | Baublebar Rosalita Earrings | Kendra Scott Elton Bracelet

Continuing on my Palm Beach series, let's talk about the most iconic fashion brand to come out of those salty shores...Lilly Pulitzer. To Palm Beach, Lilly is much more than a print a sorority girl sports across her college campus. To them, Lilly Pulitzer is LIFE. No joke.

I actually thought I was being really cliche by bringing a Lilly shift to Palm Beach, when in reality EVERYONE was wearing LP. I was actually very surprised by this. If you don't know the story of Lilly, she started out selling juice off Worth Avenue, which is where her original store is! She realized she was onto something when her shift dresses (which was the perfect outfit to combat the Florida heat AND juice stands), started selling better than her juice! Gotta do what works;) And then her brand grew to much much more than just your average shift dress, which brings us to the Lilly Pulitzer brand we know and love today.

Do you like Lilly Pulitzer? Did you already know her store? I love hearing backgrounds of brands- it makes me appreciate them more! To read more of my Palm Beach posts, click here.

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