Own The Adventure: My Experience Using Turo in Seattle

Thanks to Turo for working with me. All opinions are my own.

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Renting out homes and scooters are such a big thing now, what’s the difference renting your car?? If you haven’t heard of Turo, be prepared to have your mind blown! They are car sharing at its finest! I’d try to explain it to you, but their mantra of “skip the rental counter” is pretty much self explanatory.

We landed in SEA-TAC late on a Wednesday night. It was rainy and kind of chilly (for this Texas girl at least). We grabbed our luggage and stepped outside of the airport to where our friend Cornelius had dropped off our Dodge Journey. We showed the texted image of the valet ticket stub, snapped some photos of the car, and we were off. THAT SIMPLE. No waiting in lines. No freezing my booty off. All happy happy joy joy.

In a place like Seattle, it’s a good idea to rent a car. On the Monday we left, we woke up a bit early and drove to Rattlesnake Ridge. These pictures were snapped before we hiked the Rattlesnake Ledge Trail, so nope. I didn’t hike in this outfit ;) I actually showed y’all the view + my outfit here. It’s pretty much an uphill 4 mile hike and I think we ended up finishing it in an hour and a half. WE BOOKED IT because we had to be at the airport stat. Because we were just dropping the car off at the valet (as previously discussed with our car owner), we didn’t have to take a shuttle or anything and were already at the airport! It was so freeing not to have to book that extra car time into our morning. ALSO, I don’t know about y’all, but I swear whenever we do shuttles or ride shares, we always get the driver who makes me the most nauseous lol. Anddd with Turo, you’re your own driver!!

So how does it work? You basically just tell Turo where you’re going and when, budget, etc and then you get to browse through lots of different options! We were set on getting an SUV, so the Dodge Journey was perfect. Especially for under $350 total for our entire time Wednesday -Monday! Turo not only fits my style - getting to pick out of a plethora of cars! But it is also budget friendly, so I could spend more on things like all the flowers at Pike Place;)

This was our first time using Turo in Seattle, but not our first interaction with the brand! The last time we used it was in Laguna Beach, last summer. There’s nothing like cruising the PCH in a convertible! We also have friends who have used Turo in their home town! Just rented a special car for the evening or a fun event. It’s pretty much limitless!

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Thanks to Turo for working with me. All opinions are my own.