October Favorites

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Happy Monday!! I've decided to celebrate, with a new series for y'all. Each month, I'm going to do a "favorites" post - including 10 items I've been crushing on. As y'all, know I decided to try and my YouTube a reality for me sooner rather than later, so this is something I'd love to eventually feature in video form...keep your eyes peeled for an instagram live though! There's a chance that I will speak about my current faves there. I know y'all love my try on sessions, so I figured you'd enjoy this. It will be a fun and easy way to share new pieces that will tie right into the season!

Remember,  you can click through the above collage! If it won't let you, just refresh the page and it should work like a charm. I'm also going to go product by product below and hyperlink the product link to the name. Here we go!


1) Baldwin Kick Flare Jeans. I was actually super hesitant about kick flares in general. They have been in still for a little bit, but I just now warmed up to them. I purchased the Madewell Cali Demi-Boot Jeans in black (also in denim) and liked them, but then I went to the new Baldwin store opening in Knox/Henderson and fell in love with these! I liked the Baldwin fit better and really liked that they were solid black, instead of washed black...the lighter black is trendy and so is the cut, so I'd rather them be a classic color. They look great with a mule and killer with a heel. Definitely a fun + fashionable buy, this season.

2) Ray-ban Erik Sunglasses. The everyday Ray-bans that I wore were about 7 years old, so it was high-time to update them! I bought these sunnies for my Oregon trip at the end of August and they were on point. They are a bit of a sportier frame, but still sleek. I actually think they are merchandised as a men's piece, but who cares? They are a classic. Also, don't forget that polarized sunglasses are the bomb!

3) Madewell Mountain Sage Candle. As if Madewell couldn't get any better, they go and launch a candle collection. They have a wide variety, but my favorites are the ones in tins! I bought the smaller version with a lid, but there is a larger size available. No lid, but more scent! I really like the aloe blossom, but purchased the mountain sage instead, since it fit the season better.

4) O-Venture Big O Key Ring. These have been out for about 5 years, but I'm just now getting one! Nick tells me my keys are SO heavy, so I'm going to make it easier to carry and wear (like a bracelet!) with this! I got the gold one, so it will gO with everything.

5) Sovereign Silver Colloidal Nasal Spray. Sinuses are a real issue if you live in Texas. I'm all about homeopathic ways to help them, but had never heard of this nasal spray until one of y'all told me about it, on Instagram! I've only been using it a couple days, but can already tell that it helps! I felt like I was getting sick last weekend and sure enough, it turned into what usually becomes a sinus infection. (that's what I get for taking a break from my Apple Cider Vinegar drink!) But anyway, the spray has silver, which helps kill the infection - it's not just a preventative use, it is an active one!

6) Nars Powermatte Lip Pigment (starwoman). My sister-in-law brought me this lippie and it is awesome! I love how it dries matte and pretty much stays in place all night. Such a good color and product, but it is Nars, so pretty much a given with all of their rockstar reds! One of the fall trends I mentioned here was pops of red. If you don't want to get actual apparel to try out the trend, go for a new lipstick, like this one. It is perfect for The Holidays!

7) Cuyana Leather Zipper Cardholder. Y'all knowwww I'm obsessed with anything Cuyana and have been for like 5 years. My current card holder is fine, but I wanted to get a new one, with my new initials! It's only been almost a year since I got married!! I know I can always count on Cuyana to have pretty pieces, but quality ones too. I am STOKED that they are opening a Dallas store at the end of the month. 

8) Rebecca Minkoff Alexis Bow Mule. I'm obsessed with all velvet shoes this fall and winter! I actually purchased the Madewell Gemma Mule in Pinot Noir velvet, but they are sold out. So I thought sharing these RM ones would be just as good. Maroon is such a good neutral that adds a pop, but still remains subtle. There are other velvet shoe options out there, though! I bought these J. Crew Avery Velvet pumps  in forest green and can't wait to wear them to work anddd play in.

9) Invisibobble Power Traceless Hair Ring. I first heard of these at a bachelorette party a couple weekends ago. I thought the girls were crazy because there was no way in heck that these hair ties could work, but they do! I took mine for a test run on the trail on Saturday and they worked great. My ponytail did fall a little bit, but the grip the hair ring has on my hair never ceased. These are definitely more expensive than your average hair tie, but they don't leave a crease and get the job done! I'm for sure into them. Now to go hide them, so my cats don't think they are toys...

10) Juice Beauty Stem Cellular CC Cream. Juice Beauty is the brand I use for skincare and most of my makeup. Read more about my routine here. I purchased my first CC cream earlier this year, but somehow managed to lose it at the bachelorette party I mentioned above. I liked it and everything, but I didn't realize how good it was, until I couldn't find it! It makes putting the rest of your makeup on SO much easier - especially your concealer. It has tons of nutrients for your face and also includes SPF. I would highly recommend this product! I use it everyday-  not just the days I want my makeup to last longer.

Do you have any favorite things this month or want to know anything specific that is my favorite brand of something, etc? Would love to check them out and/or feature them in November!

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