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Shopbop pom tee (also comes in navy!) | J. Brand Jeans | Nike Air Max Theas | Levi's Denim Jacket | BaubleBar Earrings

Okay, okay. I know pom poms are not a new trend on the market - they really hit mass markets last spring. I'll be honest - I didn't think they would continue into this year, but surprise, here they are! Last year I touched on pom poms, because I bought these adorable shoes, featured on this blog post (how to shop trends the smart way), but wanted to bring them up again, as I feel they are even more popular this year! Side note...did anyone else in cheer or dance ever see them called pom pons? Weird, but that's how they were often spelled on our order sheets!

Anyway, there are a lot of high end pom pom items that you could quite literally break the bank on...I mean here is the expensive version of my tee! What's great about this trend is that you can find them at all price points and what's even better, is that you can DIY the heck out of this look if you have the time and skills! I find that I have less and less time for things like this, so I'll stick to buying for now. I rounded up a lot of different options that are all under $100! Shop them by scrolling through the widgets below. Click on an item to be taken to the direct link!

I hope this post made you feel happy and ready for spring! A little nervous for swimsuit season, considering I wrote this, while eating a chocolate croissaint. Oh well! Do what makes you happy ;)

So, do you love this trend, or are you over it? Let me know!

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