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I feel like this fall has all of my favorite colors. Burgundy, olive, rust, oh my! I so enjoy that my favorite colors to wear are actually trending, because that means that there are a plethora of pieces that will be available in those shades!

Let's talk about the color at hand. Olive. I love olive so much. The last time I really remember it trending was when I was in middle school - circa early 2000s? Needless to say, I'm glad it is back. I don't necessarily follow what guides say when they deem a color in or out, but I do tend to go overboard when a color I really like comes back into style.

So why am I obsessed with olive? Well, it's one of those cool, almost unexpecting neutrals. I feel the same about burgundy! It can easily be the base of an outfit or even paired last minute to a look, and not be too "loud" or "obnoxious". I know that not everyone loves the army like hue, but here are some of my top picks of the season. They are broken out into different categories, so everyone can find a piece this season!






What are your favorite olive pieces to wear? I don't have any olive shoes yet, so that's my next add!  If you still can't figure out how to incorporate olive into your wardrobe, try wearing olive eyeliner! It's one of my favorite, way to subtly incorporate it.

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