Northern California Winery Guide

Me: American Eagle Sweater | Vest | Jeans | Wedges | BaubleBar Earrings

Nick: Sweater | Jeans | Clarks Desert Boots

This past Thanksgiving, Nick and I traveled to Sacramento to spend it with his family. I had never been to Northern California, so I was really excited! Personally, I feel like Nor Cal is underrated - people always talk about So Cal...which don't get me wrong. It's great! But in Northern California you have the capital, you have Tahoe, you still have beaches and wineries...I digress. 

Yes you have Napa and Sonoma (see my Napa guide here), but there are great wineries along California as a whole! Here are some of our favorites in Amador County. (not all are "in" Amador, but they are close in distance!)

Renwood. Their wines as a whole are good here, but my favorite (as well as Nick's) is their Ice Wine! It is a port of sorts and is SO good. Their patio is great and so are their little snacks. We split the grilled cheese and it hit the spot.

Toogood Estate. This is actually the winery that Nick worked at while he was in college! They have a cave for a tasting room, which adds an extra element of cool. Their wines are good, but the the best ones are the expensive ones;) Our favorites of theirs are the ports. We actually joined their port club, because it is hard to find good ones in Texas. The labels on the bottles are also something to note - they are artwork!

Nello Olivo Winery. I think Nello was our favorite that we visited! Nello himself was there and he spent a bunch of time with us. His wines are AWESOME. They are all good, but the coolest one in my opinion is the one with the Sagrantino grape...well there are actually two! A traditional red and a port. He also hosts dinners and pairings there. A must see! 

Sobon Wine Family Estate. Besides their wine, something that makes them cool is that they are green! They rely on electric charging systems and are dedicated to being sustainable.

Scott Harvey Wines. If you are a Zin lover, then go here! They have won numerous awards for it!

Turley Wine Cellars.  Similar to Scott Harvey, they too are known for their Zin. All vineyards are beautiful, but this one is stunning!

Sentivo Vineyards and Winery. One of Nick's friends from TooGood now works here! Nick was number 2 in sales only to him and he was the manager;) Wherever he goes, you know there has to be good wine!

Just as a side note, we were there in November, so past harvest and during the leaf change. It was perfect! Have you been to any Nor Cal wineries that I didn't list? Send them my way! I'd love to try them out!

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