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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Best Buys + My Faves

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Best Buys + My Faves

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Madewell 10" High Waist Button Front Skinny Jeans | Madewell Crop Anorak Army Jacket | Vince Camuto Kochelda Suede Over The Knee Boot  (also  has a flat leather version Vince Camuto Patamina Boot | BP Raw Edge V-Neck

It's heeeeere y'all. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! I can let the n-sale anxiety out, because once it starts, I can sleep a little easier. I like the share the nordstrom anniversary sale, because I use it to shop for basics...things that are versatile and will last a while. Hey, I like the ring of that...should it be made into a jingle for me or something?! ;) I'm going to cover the sale the entire time, but today I'm going to share:

  • my favorite items from the current sale
  • my favorite items from previous sales + their updates
  • what I'm shopping for

Coming soon, you can for sure expect to see posts on Best of Shoes and Top Picks under $100, anddd other things I'm sure, as I get inspired by the sale! I'm also going to try an incorporate sale looks into everyday blog posts, so you don't just see SALE SALE SALE. Ya feel me?! Before we get into the crazy of "must-have" items, I just wanted to say thank you for coming to my blog to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I use commissions like these to keep my blog running and cranking out new content. It means so much that you use my little corner of the internet. XOXO




Favorite Jeans:

Favorite Shoes: 

Favorite Jackets

Favorite Activewear

Favorite Cardigans: (something I noticed about a lot of the cardigans is that they had bubble sleeves (the sleeves have elastic at the cuffs)...which is NOT flattering on me. It seemed to be a trend in a lot of cardis, so just be aware if that's not your thing)

Favorite Workwear (I was a little disappointed with what I saw yesterday, but I'll see if I can find more!)

Cruelty-Free and Nontoxic Beauty (I haven't had a chance to search everything yet, but these were the only brands I already know and love)

Favorite Accessories (I don't usually buy a tonnnn in this category, but these items caught my eye!)




1) BlankNYC Suede Moto Jacket - I bought my tan one 2 years ago and it is AMAZING. I would 100% pay full price for it because it's #thatgood, but lucky for you it's on sale! Last year I purchased a black one, because I knew I needed it in my basic arsenal. I feel like this year I need a grey or green?! The silhouette is perfect and the jacket is worth more than the full price they list in my opinion. You can throw it on with a dress or pair it with jeans. It goes with pretty much everything!

          This year they switched it up and are offering a hooded suede jacket (hood is fleece) and a drapey suede cardigan. The are offering a mandarin style collar jacket which I think is cute! 

2) BlankNYC Suede Mini Skirt - I bought this from the sale last year and I LOVE IT. It is the perfect little fall skirt! It is perfect for a Texas winter, because it's usually still kinda warm, so you only have textures like suede to play around with when it's the "colder" months.

          It's back this year in a tan and a grey hue. Love it! I wear a 29 in it for size reference. Not a ton of stretch, because it's suede! Side note, they added a dress this year and I LOVE it.

3) Vince Camuto Suede OTK Boots - These were probably my FAVORITE items I purchased last year. I bought the black over the knee boot in the high heel and the brown over the knee boot in the flat heel.  I needed to update both colors of boots and these were style perfection, not to mention super comfy! Dolce Vita is one of my favorite shoe brands because they are so comfy, yet also chic.

          This year there is only a flat version offered and the colors are grey, black and a light khaki. The shaft of the boot does not come up as high as last year's (a little lower where it hits the knee) and the leather isn't as thick. I still like them though. They are super comfy! They also are offering another boot that comes in flat, non-suede leather in black and brown!

4) 1901 Loafers for Nick - Nick actually has these in TWO colors. We originally just bought the black pair before the sale, but we ended up getting him the brown pair during the N-sale last year. It's like an "upgraded" sperry look. He wears them all the time! They are perfect for a suit w/o socks or just a casual Friday look. A great buy for the men in your life!

          They added a couple new colors this year, so that was cool!

5) Halogen Nude Flats -Like most things, Nordstrom updates great items for the sale, from year to year. I bought my favorite nude flats 3 years ago from the sale an I'm looking to update mine this year, because I wear the tar out of them! Halogen is one of their private label brands, so be sure to check out their halogen sale product!! You'll find better prices ;)

          I honestly haven't found a replacement pair, but I did fall in love with these Vince flats!

6) Moonlight Pajamas - This is probably my favorite thing to sleep in! It's pretty much a less expensive Eberjey pj! I have the night shirt in several colors, but it also comes in a short set and a pant set. I seriously want one in every color.

          It looks like the traditional dress isn't apart of the sale this year, but they did add an embroidered pocket set to the mix! Available in plus size as well. If you are set on a dress, J. Crew has one in their pj section, but it's a woven instead of a soft jersey cotton. I'll link them here as well.



  • New nude flats (like I mentioned above)


  • Army green jacket (I borrowed one for our Santa Barbara trip and now I want one! I good alternative to have besides denim and black!)


  • Loafers (I have worn the tar out of my brown and black loafers. Looking to update them! I'm not really happy with the selection, but i do love these slides and the snakeskin pair also come in a classic black. Was just hoping for more options for a true loafer.)


Sweaters (You know, some good basic sweaters that I can keep for a while)


  • Weatherproof shoes that are chic (In previous years I have bought the sperry small rainboots and I love them for days I want to be a little warmer and/or don't want to lug my Hunter Boots around, but I want a boot that is chic and you can't tell it's a waterproof boot. Ya feel me?! I swear whenever I try to be prepared and wear rain boots, it ends up not raining and I look silly.


  • Basic White Camisole. (I have a couple I love, but I feel like they get kinda dingy quickly. Looking for a nice would I could layer to work or wear out.)
  • Olive Jeans (I actually bought some last year, but recently ripped a hole in them on my belt loop, which can't be fixed. I love wearing these in the fall, so I need to go ahead and replace them :( )





  • Suits (Nick doesn't have a black suit and needs it for an upcoming wedding. We are also looking at navy suits too, to replace his current one)


  • Mavi jeans (He LOVES these and they are budget friendly. He has a couple pairs already, but I like to be sure to have some for when he rips the butt while playing ping pong...because he has actually done that!)
  • Work shirts (He wears his shirts really hard, so I like to grab more each N-sale. His neck size isn't offered in store, so we order them online.)


Do you have anything you want me to specifically cover? Thinking of doing a workwear post, since y'all love stuff like that! Not sure if there will be much clean beauty for me to share, but I'll check.Let me  know if there's anything you want help with!



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