New Name, New Purse: Personalized Crossbody Pouch

Photos taken at Villa Piton Caribbean Castle

Cuyana Crossbody Pouch (c/o) | Show Me Your Mumu Palm Funday Kimono | One Teaspoon Shorts | Tank | Kendra Scott Sophee Earrings | Kate Spade Bangle

I don't know what people are more excited about - our wedding photos or our honeymoon photos! I do have wedding photos, but I'm trying to make sure I stay organized, because I have A MILLION ideas, thoughts, and posts to share. I'll share, TBD when!

So, here's a first look at some photos from our Saint Lucia Honeymoon! These were taken in the backyard of the second place we stayed, Villa Piton Caribbean Castle - review on them, coming soon.

I knew I wanted a new purse for our honeymoon - something that was practical in a tourist sense, yet still pretty, and last but not least, personalized, to show off my new initials! I landed on the Cuyana Crossbody Pouch.

Cuyana is a company that I have loved for a while now - before I even started this blog! I love their rich leathers, amazing quality, and impeccable craftsmanship. I love that this crossbody comes in several colors, yet they are all so classic and seem to go with anything. I landed on dark burgundy, because it's a neutral that can be dressed up or down. I loved the caramel, but that one isn't as dressy as the burgundy and I wanted to choose the most versatile option. If you want a fancier option, they just released their holiday shimmer and it is available in this bag! If you want to see the other bags I have, here's my posts on their saddle bag, classic tote, and small carryall tote.

This is the perfect "event" purse, as well as tourism and travel purse. I love a clutch like anyone, but you can't hold your phone, drink, and purse in your only two hands. It just doesn't work! I love this one zips up, so your belongings don't fall out, and it fits the big iphones - actually it fits 2, plus passports, and a bunch of other things, just from experience! A good crossbody is one of those things that every girl needs, and this is by far my favorite, if you couldn't tell ;)

If you don't know what you want for Christmas, Cuyana's bags are staples and would be the perfect gift! They also have apparel options, but my favorite thing is that you can send people "hints" from their website, so your loved ones can get you something you really want!

Have you heard of Cuyana? Do you own any of their bags? I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of this bad boy, from them!

P.S. keep up with my honeymoon travel posts! Catch up, by reading my honeymoon packing list.

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