Natalie Wood Designs Brand Overview

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Natalie Wood Designs Free Spirit Necklace (c/o) |  American Eagle Skirty Romper  | Sam Edelman Gigi Sandal

I love sharing brands with you, so when I introduce a new brand that I feel strongly about, I always like to do a post centered around what makes that brand cool. (I recently did that with Everlane) Almost 2 months ago, I became a Natalie Wood Designs Ambassador.  The brand reached out to me, because they thought LMents Of Style would be a good fit, and I agreed!

Natalie Wood Designs is run by a husband a wife team, based out of Dallas - though they have roots in College Station, if you're an Aggie ;) What stood out to me was their mantra: "[they] create jewelry for women who are risk takers, rule breakers, and trend makers...for women who have fire in their soul and grace in their heart." If that doesn't make you feel inspired, I don't know what will! I love the "Family" nature of the business and think that it exudes out of the products and brand.

So what about the goods?! Free Spirit Necklace is my favorite - I love how it dresses looks up. They have it in silver too, and I honestly think I need it too! It is such a pretty piece. A close second(s), would be the Classic Quartz bracelet and beaded bracelet in silver . I love stacking them for simple, but chic arm candy! NWD pieces have a twist of modern day trends with classic features, so you can wear them longer and with more! Obviously gonna throw my favorite word "versatility" in here!

Overall, I think NWD is a fun brand that is easily giftable, whether you're 21 or 71. They literally have something for everyone. To learn more about Natalie Wood Designs, click here!

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