My Favorite Winter Accessory

Daniel Wellington Watch | American Eagle Button Down | DL 1961 Jeans | Johnston and Murphy Wingtips | Beard Oil | Imperial Pomade | Johnston and Murphy Belt

Happy winter, y'all! Winter Solstice occurred Monday night, meaning it was the longest night of the year! Here in Dallas, the weather is 75 degrees. I'm seriously just wearing a light sweater and jeans right now! This weather is much like it was in San Diego a month ago, when I snapped these pictures! (See my other San Diego posts here and here)

I know you're probably thinking, duh. Your favorite winter accessory is a scarf, but that's not what I mean. I mean more of a jewelry accessory! And you guessed it, it's a watch. Why? Well, several reasons:

1) Metal gets cold in the winter. If you wear metal watches, then this doesn't really help you; however, I wear more leather or plastic wristbands. They don't make your wrist feel like they are frostbitten when it's below freezing, like those other pieces of jewelry you own. It may not get super cold here, but it does have it's moments. In January and February, we will be ice city!

2) They instantly class up an outfit. I mean adults wear watches, am I right?  Confession: I always have had trouble reading an analog clock. But, even if you use your iPhone as a clock, a watch still looks good on your wrist. Honestly, I have several that I wear that need a new battery. I haven't bothered to replace them, because I'm really just wearing them for show;)

3) They don't get tangled in your clothing. Whether it is a lobster clasp or some chunky beaded bracelet, any type of wrist accessory is bound to get in the way of your sleeves...especially if you decide to push them up or if you are wearing something that they will easily catch on. A watch just stays there, strapped to your wrist and out of your way!

See what I mean? It's pretty much a win-win-win situation. I got this watch for my fiance's birthday. He literally gets at least one compliment a day on it. Daniel Wellington is one of my favorite watch brands out there. What are some of your favorite watches?  I listed several that I like, below - direct links to them, are under the collage.

Timex Tortoise Watch | Kate Spade Metro Watch | Around the World Watch | Saturn Watch Wrap | Betsey Johnson Leopard Watch

P.S. Since my fiance is modeling in this picture, I thought I'd share this interview that the Idle Man did with me! They are an online retailer and blog, that focuses on menswear + style made easy. 

I hope y'all have a wonderful day and stay stress free up until Christmas!

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