Men's Summer Style Essentials

J. Crew Factory Shirt and Shorts | Sperries | Daniel Wellington Watch | Imperial Pomade | Brown Belt

Men's style may not be as complex and changing as women's, but it is still relevant! Nick can definitely dress himself well, but doesn't always think in outfits. I know when we have traveled places, I have asked "what outfits did you bring" and he's like "I brought these pants and these tops", but they may or may not go together. 

In Texas, it's not much different when you are dressing for seasons. There's essentially a time when you wear shorts and a time when you don't. It's no wonder that Nick/guys think like that! So, what does a guy really need for summer, anyway? I'll break it down into my top 3 items:

Shorts. Even if your guy is on the more conservative dressing side, you can still get fun shorts that make any outfit look more springy/summery! These are from J. Crew. You can get awesome deals on basic colors, as well as fun colors, from J. Crew and J. Crew Factory. They will be a staple for sure.

Sperries. This year, Nick and I discussed the importance of buying shoes for different occasions + how buying a couple pair turn out better in the long run, as you don't wear them out as fast. Not to mention that you have more outfit options! It's not a bad idea to have a nicer pair, like the ones in this post, and a more casual pair, that look more like boat shoes. Both will get wear, so it is a good investment to make.

Shirts. Plaid shirts are like a summer uniform. There are definitely less loud options, but something like this J. Crew shirt is modern, yet classic. It will go with jeans, but also with fun bottoms, making it more versatile and worth the money.

So, what do you think? If you missed my Men's Spring Style Essentials, check them out here.

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