Le Soleil d'Or - Golden Sun Cayman: The Farm

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***I received a complimentary stay at Le Soleil d'Or via Foodie Tribe. Opinions are my own.

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I hope you aren't tired of my Cayman Brac posts yet, because they have only just begun! If you missed my previous posts, you can read my Sunscreen Tips here and Le Soleil d'Or review here.

One of the many things that sets Le Soleil d'Or apart from other resorts is that it was built around a 20 acre organic farm! When I read about it online, I was excited, but I didn't fully understand its awesomeness until I got there. Farms aren't supposed to succeed there. With the salty ocean spray, most things near the ocean aren't sustainable; however, their farm is built on one of the bluffs, so it is up higher. Additionally, they left existing brush around the edges, to catch the salty water and save the plants. Genius, right?

Now to the farm details. They have everything you could want! Pomegranates, watermelons, pineapples, bananas, dragon fruit, passion fruit, cherries...a fruit lovers' paradise! They also grow herbs and such, which are phenomenal, not to mention handy. Currently, they have chickens and fresh eggs, but not many other animals. In the near future, they plan  on getting other animals, not only for meat purposes, but for dairy needs, too! 

Another fun phrase that I hadn't heard before Le Soleil d'Or is Sea to Table. Like what?! It is amazing as it sounds. They have a fisherman and a beautiful boat at that, and he takes it out to get the catches of the week! Cayman Brac is known for its abundance in fish, so it really shouldn't have surprised me, but wow! My favorite seafood dish was the mahi mahi - it was AMAZING. The best one I've ever had for sure!

I briefly mentioned it in this post, but the good food didn't just stay in the dining room! My room was stocked with homemade yogurt and granola, fresh local fruits like lemony- limes and sorrels. There was also fresh cut fruit like passion fruit and cantelope and fresh squeezed local juices. When Le Soleil d'Or says they are a food destination as much as a relaxation destination, they really mean it. As much as the ocean view was stunning, so was the food and execution of dining!



Have you ever been to a farm to table resort? Do you see yourself ever coming to Cayman Brac and Le Soleil d'Or?

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***I received a complimentary stay at Le Soleil d'Or via Foodie Tribe. Opinions are my own.