Last minute ways to sparkle for NYE

L'atiste Sequin Dress | Nine West Pumps | Riffraff Earrings (s/o, similar here) | BTB Jewelry Bracelet | Essie Good as Gold Nail Polish

Happy New Year's Eve Eve, y'all! What are your plans for New Years? I'm attending a wedding in Dallas on NYE - it's going to be amazing! The bride and groom are so fun, plus my fiance is actually officiating the wedding! (thanks to some online site, lol) I wanted a look that would be totally New Years, yet still classy enough for a wedding, while not detracting from the bride. When I saw this dress, I knew it was the one! Navy is the perfect dark neutral, especially for a black tie/evening wedding. 

So, do you know what you are wearing yet? Honestly I don't usually wear full sequins, but for this occasion I made an exception. I think I only own 1 sequin top, but other than that, nada. Glitz may be totally NYE, but not you, and that's okay! You can still shine on New Year's Eve, regardless of your attire. 

Here's some tips to sparkle, without necessarily donning sequins:

1) Jewelry. I mean DUH. There are so many shiny and fun jewels you can don. These earrings are seriously the bomb. The are shiny, yet subtle. If you want to be a bit trendier, something like these would be perfect! Wear something stunning, and let your bling do the talking ;) You can't get any classier than all black, with some shine!

2) Nail Polish. I own this nail polish and it is so fun to paint over a solid hue, or even to run along the edges of my nails. Something still as festive, yet not as loud is a polish like this. I'm currently wearing that exact one, actually ;)

3) Makeup. I used to wear glitter eye shadow in high school, for drill team. Since then, I don't really go that crazy. Instead I opt for shimmer! Most days, I sweep some golden glow under and on my eyes, from a pallet like this one. If it is an evening affair like a wedding, I'll put on some additional shine. 

4) Accessories - If you want some glitter, but don't want to fully commit, this way is for you! Pair an LBD with these tights, keep your keys and cash in this, or spice up your look with a statement shoe, like these

5) Alternative Sparkles - Want to have some shimmer, but not your cliche sequins (hey, not hating! I'm obviously wearing them!) - well, there are a lot of alternatives!  Try wearing metallics,  matte jewel tones, or even flat silver or golds!

I hope my tips have helped you finish your look! See ya in 2016, friends!

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