Is Cannon Beach Worth the Drive?

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I feel like I keep apologizing for not posting, buuuut really I'm not sorry. I needed a break. It's kind of hard to live your life always on, on social media. Something that always calms me down is nature. It's actually something that I wish Dallas had more of...It's funny because when I'm somewhere peaceful like Napa or even Cannon Beach, Nick is like..."what's wrong?!" I'm like "NOTHING. I'm just actually relaxed for once!"

Anyway, from a high level...YES. It is absolutely worth it. I asked if "Cannon beach was worth the drive", because it is really not a convenient place to visit. It is 1 1/2 hours from Portland and 2 hours from Salem (where we stayed). The West coast is such a special place...not that other coasts aren't, it's just weird with how cold the water is! I mean hello, I'm wearing a sweater on a beach!

Cannon Beach is most know for Haystack Rock...well Haystack Rock and its Needles ;) Pictures just don't do this place justice, so if you can get to it, GO! We left Salem around 7:30 am, stopped once, and arrived around 10 am.  The fog was still burning off on the beach and it was simply beautiful. We explored the beach for about an hour. We debated wading through a shallow-ish area, to see more up close and I am so glad we did! The water went up to my kneesish and was so cold, my feet started to ache from the temperature, but I got this cool starfish picture!!

After we had enough of the beach - I mean can you get enough? Really I was just hungry;) We stumbled upon The Wayfarer and had some yummy, fresh seafood! the crab cakes were delish and we had their risotto of the day...heirloom tomato, topped with Halibut! My mouth is watering just thinking of it.

Cannon Beach should definitely be on your list if you plan on being in the Pacific Northwest and can swing it. If you're my age, then you might actually recognize it from The Goonies!! Whether it's nostalgia, or you just want to see a cool part of mother nature, Cannon Beach is the place to go. There's a lot of neat places to go in Oregon, but you should get to the coast at least once to experience it for yourself!

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