I Can't Believe it's an Otterbox

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I'm not a klutz, but my iPhone has a tendency to fall out of my hand or magically slide off of my counter. It's dreadful. Since I got my first iPhone (circa 2011. yes I was a late adapter), I have used an Otterbox case. I was not going to risk it and still refuse to! 

With the number of times that my phone has hit the ground, I feel like I should be the face of Otterbox. "Hi, I'm Lauren. I drop my phone. Thanks to Otterbox, I am able to keep my screen crack-free!" Can you imagine the commercial? I think I'd be great at it. Just ask my fiance ;)

Anyway, I recently upgraded my 5s to a 6s plus and right around that time, I received an email from Otterbox, asking me if I wanted to be an Ambassador. Um, yes! I didn't even have to think twice. I live my life Otterbox proofed. Upon accepting the offer, they informed me about a new line, called Symmetry Cases. They are the trendy cases you always wanted, but with the protection you need. Hold the phone. Literally.

Now, if you use Otterbox or have used it in the past, then you may associate Otterbox with a clunky case, that even an Otter couldn't pick apart. I honestly didn't care about the bulk, because it kept my phone safe, which is priceless in my business. Buuuut since they decided to update some cases, I'm not going to complain!

Yes, it really is true! I now change out my cases, depending on my mood and it's amazing. I never thought I'd be able to, ever. The ones below are my favorites to choose between! The first one is the perfected angle case and is the most surprising Otterbox, in my opinion. The second one is the roasted crystal clear case, that I currently have on my phone and in these photos. It is the trendiest look they have right now, and I love it!! The last one is the most traditional otterbox case in rose, but with less bulk. I'd also recommend getting the alpha glass cover for your screen - it works like a champ!

What phone case do you use? Do you drop your phone a lot? Sounds like you need an Otterbox;) Get them for 15% off with code "OtterBoxAmbassador". (case sensitive!) If you want to try one for free, head to my Instagram 4/27 to find out how you can.

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