How to Wear White in the Winter

Liz and Honey Top | J. Crew Jeans | Kendra Scott Earrings | Sandals | Allison Kate Bracelet | Tiffany and Co. Elsa Peretti Diamonds by the Yard Necklace | OPI Nail Polish

So, how do you wear white in the fall and winter months? Well, you don't.

Haha. Not what you expected, was it? I won't judge you very hard if you do...but with all of the other beautiful neutrals trending, why would you want to wear stark white?

I'm definitely putting my white jeans and shoes away; (If you follow me on SnapChat (ElleSpann) then you saw my ode to white jeans outfit on Friday!) however, I may occasionally pull out tops like this Liz and Honey one. What makes this one okay? Well, for starters, it includes more of a winter white, than a true white. But, it also pairs it with a navy hue, which makes it perfectly acceptable for fall!

So, here are my suggestions to wearing those creamy hues on the days between Labor Day and Easter:

1) Tone it down. My first suggestion is to change up the color; make the white appropriate for the season. Look for those beautiful velvety tones like eggshell, ecru, and taupe. Choose one of those.

2) Pop it. Once you have chosen your variation of white, pair it with a neutral. Up against pigments of blacks, navies, greys, and even blush tones, whites have a chance to shine! That's what makes this top so great. I can easily wear it in the summer months, but because of the navy backing, it fades perfectly into fall.

3. Accent it. This is the time where if you must don pure white, it's the way to do it. I know I have some Kendra Scott Jewels that I'll be probably wear. They are an iridescent and/or druzy  white, which makes them more winter-friendly. (these earrings, this necklace, and this bracelet) Accessorizing with white is an easy way to incorporate it with your wardrobe this season.

P.S. Isn't this J. Crew Jacket dreamy? It's perfect as a Pinterest image too!

So how do you wear white? Are you super southern like me or do you wear you white jeans year round?

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