How to Style Wide Legged Suspender Pants

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A month or so ago, Lucca Couture asked to send me some product, which isn't unusual as an influencer. And for a brand I like? It's usually a score! I first learned of Lucca late last year, at an event in Dallas and immediately fell in love with the brand.  As I perused their site, I stumbled upon this wide legged suspender pants and I thought to myself...maybe I can wear them? Just maybe. The way that these things go, you usually suggest items and then you get a couple of the pieces you mentioned, but you never what you'll get. When I opened my package, I was super surprised to find the suspender pants! I was like "okay! they think I can style these baby's too!"

I excitedly went into my closet only to stare longingly into its great abyss and think "what the heck am I going to wear with this?" I wanted to pair it with some cool, vintage nirvana tee or something, but who am I?! I don't own an ironic band graphic tee.  I went to google and pinterest and they were NO help, which is why I am writing this blog post. Technically this falls under my The Art of Versatility posts, but because I couldn't find a stylings post, I had to name it precisely!

What's cool about suspender pants is that you don't have to wear them like suspenders if you don't want to! The first time I wore them, I was too chicken to wear them like actual suspenders. I mean they are practically overalls! I haven't worn overalls since I was in the single digits, so yeah. I love the cool girl look of letting the straps hang, like I did in the last set of images, but I also think it's fun to tie them in a bow, like the first set of images. I think all of these but the striped tee are perfect for work, though it might make for a good casual Friday look. I think if you feel good in it, then you can style them with most anything. I would just watch out for:

-chunky tops. these will bunch up weird under the bottoms. since they are usually high waisted, you don't have much room for forgiveness. 

-chunky shoes. i tried to pair with them with different shoes, but the thin straps of these sandals really looked the best. the pants are wider, so the thinner shoes balance it better.

SO, what's your favorite styling of it? I love the striped tee, but I think the knotted white shirt is my favorite. Here's some wide legged suspender pant options for you, while you're at it!

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