How to Shop Trends the Smart Way

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I've been talking a lot about trends lately, and I think it's because they are so fun! (I actually mentioned that in my cactus post last week - catch up here) Anyway, like everyone else and their mom (Happy Mother's Day! ;) ), I'm loving pom poms. I wanted to buy something drool worthy, but that was worth my time/money. One of my co-workers told me that she bought these pom pom sandals and I died. Like that can't eat, can't sleep type of love! (Mary-Kate and Ashley reference anyone?) I debated on buying them because they were a pretty penny, especially for such a trendy item. After a couple nights of nothing but dreaming of them, I pulled the trigger.

I don't particularly like fast fashion. I have nightmares about Forever 21. (Read this book, for reasons why) I try to focus a lot on investment pieces. (Check out my previous posts on 3 things every girl should invest in, How to shop smart part 1, and part 2) BUT I do participate in some trends...and I just can't pass up the fun ones this year. So, when I do shop trends, I don't want to just throw my money away, so what do I do, budget allowing?

1) Shop Quality. Loeffler Randall is a good brand. One of my other favorite shoe brands of similar caliber, is Dolce Vita.  Yes, they cost more up front, but they last and you can generally wear them for a while, if not forever, with heel replacements. Now, I obviously want to shop investment pieces of quality, so why would I shop trendy pieces that are quality? Like I have said,  I don't want to throw my money away. I want to buy something I can wear and/or save for when it comes back in  trend ;) Side note - I don't always follow when trends go in and out of style. I have a pair of lace up sandals I have been sporting since 2008. 

2) Shop Neutrals. This is  key, people! I love, love, love, all the bright poms and fringe, but there's no way that I would front $200+ for something I can't continue to wear. (if you saw this post, you're probably like, you do love bright colors! I do occasionally splurge - it's a great dress for my summer vacation/honeymoon) I picked these sandals, because they aren't loud. They also come in silver, which is technically neutral, but I don't think nude will go out of style. I think silver will come and go. Even when pom poms go out of style, I will still be able to wear these, because they downplay the trend and blend in more, if you will. Honestly, I keep things forever. The black Converse I have are from 7th grade. I turn 25 in August. You do the math! There are a lot of bright pom pom sandals out - both over $600 and under $30, but I loved the sweetness of these and how versatile they are. Shopping neutrals get you more for your money!

3) DIY. I can sew and craft, so if there's something that I have been wanting, I try to make it myself - really my only issue is trying to find time to do it! I have a DIY I have been trying to make time for since my Hawaii trip last year. Hoping to get it out just in time for Summer, though, so stay tuned;) I also plan on making one of those popular sequin hats! My blogger friend Cara of Marvelous in the Midwest actually just did a tutorial and it turned out so cute! (see it here) I saw on snapchat that my fellow Dallas blogger friend Natalie, of The Fashion Hour, just sewed some pom poms onto some sandals. I'm sure they will debut on her blog soon! I am planning on giving you a tassel tutorial soon, too! Point being, if you can make it, do it! It's usually cheaper and one of a kind :)

Do you shop trends? Do you save or splurge? I can certainly see both sides to the story! I'm going through my closet right now and trying to nail my basics...which of course is the category  neutral, pom pom, lace up sandals fall into ;)

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